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How Far is Busch Gardens From Virginia Beach? | Easily Explained

In this page, we will explain how far Busch Gardens is from Virginia Beach, what to expect along the way, and about Virginia Beach itself.

How Far is Busch Gardens From Virginia Beach

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How Far is Busch Gardens From Virginia Beach?

Busch Gardens is 54.2 miles away from Virginia Beach, which equates to about a 1 hour drive

Depending on what time of day that you are leaving, it may take more time. The best time to arrive to the beach is in the morning before the sun rises.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg to Virginia Beach


You should be aware that there are multiple tolls on the way from Busch Gardens to Virginia Beach, and you should prepare accordingly.

Luckily most of these tolls take cash, and it'd be wise to prepare around $10 for them.

About Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is a beautiful beach that caters to year-round visitors.

Featuring a 3 mile boardwalk, family-friendly activities, an up-and-coming culinary scene, and a Marine Science Center.

The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center features ocean life including sea turtles and sharks in their own habitats.

This amazing destination is also rich with history, and home to the the East Coast Surfing Championships as well as the North American Sand Soccer Championships.

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