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This 400 acre park contains over 11 Roller Coasters, 60+ rides, attractions, and even shows.

This is the perfect place to create wonderful memories that will last you a lifetime!

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intimidator kings dominion

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What Does Kings Dominion Offer?

Showcasing more coasters than you may be able to ride in a single day, there are rides everyone can enjoy.

From one of the world's longest roller coasters without floors in Dominator, to the Grizzly coaster leading you through exciting but unfamiliar forest-like terrain, and of course the unforgettable 85 degree angle, 300 feet drop of Intimidator...

These are the ultra popular rides that will give you your money's worth.

intimidator kings dominion


Activities For Kids

Planet Snoopy offers a 14 acre area of fun containing 20 rides specifically made for families and young children. We've listed out a few of our favorite kids and family rides below!

Great Pumpkin Coaster:

A Junior Steel Roller Coaster that takes you through a few dips, 2 turns and awesome dips. Parents, fear not! You will be able to accompany your child through this wonderful ride

great pumpkin coaster kings dominion


Charlie Brown's Wind Up: 

Known as a “Home Run in Fun”. A minor league baseball themed batter's box for kids allows them to be able to jump in, fly through the air and best of all, wave to their loyal fans!

Flying Ace:

Spin through the air in a spectacular and circular fashion! A 2 capacity car that is always ready for a high flying adventure.

Top Family Rides 

Apple Zapple:

Commonly referred to as one of the most underrated rides in the park, families are thrilled to experience this attraction with unexpected drops, tight turns, and a surprising 50 foot zapple kings dominion


 A giant Ferris Wheel in which riders travel as high as 110 feet, this is a scenic ride which families love (even some adventure seeking grandparents!). Per unit, this ride has a minimum of 2 riders. Fun Fact: This was actually the first Ferris Wheel to be introduced to the park!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Sell Cheap Kings Dominion Admission & Passes?

Theme Park Center is an Authorized Theme Park Ticket Reseller. We’re authorized by Kings Dominion, Kings Island, Disneyland, Universal and a variety of other theme parks and attractions across the country to sell their tickets at a price that always beats the front gate.

This allows us to provide a fantastic deal!

You'll be able to seamlessly purchase Discounted Kings Dominion tickets online or over the phone, whichever you feel most comfortable with and receive your tickets through your email in minutes.

Our dedicated customer service team & travel planning experts are available seven days a week and ready to answer any and all of your travel questions.

What is New?

This season guests will be able to take a visit to the Caribbeans in the Soak City Water Park known as Coconut Shores! This is a recently redesigned area offering a new dining experience and two family friendly attractions. 

This season brings to life a 45 foot, multi level play structure that will also offer 8 slides known as Lighthouse Landing. 

Little ones will be able to safely play in the mini wave pool containing 1 foot waves in a place known as Sand Dune Lagoon.

Do You Offer Promo Codes or Coupons on a Ticket?

Our prices will always beat the gate price. This goes for admission here as well! This means that although we may not offer promo codes or coupons, you will still be saving money via discounted tickets.

Our prices fluctuate seasonally. Although prices will change, fear not as our passes will still be discounted!

How Can I Know When is the Best Time to Go?

The best days to visit Kings Dominion are Tuesday and Wednesday. Weekdays in general are typically much less crowded and visitors from all over the world plan their trips around the weekend.

Are Toddlers Allowed in the Park for Free? 

Guests below 3 years old are free.

How Much is Parking at Kings Dominion?

Parking is typically $25 per car for regular parking and $30 per car for preferred parking.

There is disability parking available near the front gate that can be accessed on a first come, first served basis. You can save a few dollars ($3) on parking by purchasing online.

How do I Re-enter the Park if I Have to Leave For Some Reason?

Hand stamps are available at designated exit turnstiles when leaving the park. Make sure you get a stamp before leaving!

To enter the parking lot again, display the parking ticket on the dashboard of your vehicle. 

Are There Kings Dominion Tickets with Discounts for the Military?

Of course! Military Discounts can be found here. To receive these discounted tickets, you would need to bring a valid government issued military ID. Kings Dominion celebrates America’s Military members both active and retired.

Do You Sell Other Discounted Tickets in Virginia?

Absolutely! We have several attractions in Virginia, most notably Busch Gardens. For a full list of Virginia attractions (with discounts of course) and where to purchase passes, click here for a full list.

List out all roller coasters and short description of what they're about

Does Kings Dominion Have a Water Park? 

Yes! Soak City is a 20 acre water playground, perfect for your family to experience thrills or just to relax.

Is Soak City Included In General Admission Tickets?

Normally they are. Make sure to double check your admission ticket. Click 'Ticket Info' to verify.

Is There Only One Kings Dominion?


Accessibility at Kings Dominion

This 31 page guide will provide you with everything you need to know about navigating and enjoying the park and all of its experiences for those with disabilities.

Is There an App?


The Kings Dominion app includes wait times for rides and roller coasters, along with an interactive map. If you are a season pass holder, you will be able to have your pass on the app!

Who Owns Kings Dominion?

Now: Cedar Fair Entertainment Company. From 1993 - 2006, the park was commonly referred to as Paramounts Kings Dominion.

This was the time period that Paramounts owned the park. 

What is Paramounts Kings Dominion?

This is what the park was formerly known as during the Paramount era. As mentioned above, as of 2007 we are now in the Cedar Fair era!

Where Can I Find a Map of Kings Dominion?

Right Here. This is a PDF of the map but includes a lot more information as well including Park information, rider safety requirements, and Soak City rules to name a few.

Are the Rides Shockwave, Volcano and Crypt Still Operating in the Park?

Unfortunately all three of those coasters have been retired. 

Kings Dominion Shockwave was retired in 2015.

Kings Dominion Volcano was retired in 2018.

Kings Dominion Crypt was retired in 2019.

Which is Better Kings Dominion or Busch Gardens?

They're both amazing parks, it just depends on your preference. Kings Dominion is a great park for those who prefer thrill rides due to its massive amount of roller coasters. Busch gardens is also a great park featuring very good rides (just not as many), and of course unique wildlife!

How Far is Kings Dominion From the Beach?

106 miles is the distance between Virginia Beach and Kings Dominion.

Do You Sell Kings Dominion Winterfest Tickets?

Yes! We've also written a guide on Winterfest covering all of the different elements, how it works, what rides there are, when it is, what you can't miss and much more.

Are There Group Tickets?

Yes! Group tickets are available. There are 2 different ways this is split up.

Youth Groups of 15 people to 99 people priced at $36.

Normal Groups of 15 people to 99 people priced at $38. 

The only catch is Soak City tickets are not included in group ticket admissions.

You can find more information on group discounts here.

Are There Student Discounts?

Kings Dominion does not offer student discounts at this time.

What are Fast Lane Passes?

Fast lane passes allow you to skip the line for certain rides. You can learn more about this in detail through our Kings Dominion Fast Lane page.

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