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Magic Kingdom's Preferred Parking: All You Need to Know

Magic Kingdom offers different parking options once you arrive to the park. 

In this page we will weigh the pros and cons of Magic Kingdom's Preferred parking, to help you make a decision if it will be worth it for you.

    What is Magic Kingdom's Preferred Parking?

    Preferred Parking allows guests to park closer to the entrance at an additional cost.

    Through Preferred parking, guests will be able to experience a much smoother experience entering/leaving the park, and loading/unloading their belongings.

    Preferred parking normally costs between $45-$55 while Standard parking is $30

    preferred parking magic kingdom

    Parking at Magic Kingdom is a one time fee, and gives you access to all 4 Disney parks.

    This means that if you visit for example, Magic Kingdom and then decide to leave to go to EPCOT, you will not need to pay for parking again in the EPCOT parking lot.

    One thing to note however is that it is one pass per vehicle. If you have a family packed into two separate vehicles, each vehicle would need to purchase the pass, to receive closer access to the entrance.

    When to Buy Preferred Parking

    • If you're not planning on arriving to the park early and don't mind spending extra money to get closer to the park
    • If you have a lot of belongings that you have to carry to the park
    • If you want to minimize walking (Most guests don't consider walking back to their cars after an entire day of walking, and Disney World is 42 square miles in size)
    • If you are visiting the park on a weekend (or crowded day)

    When to Not

    • If you plan on arriving early to the park, it may not be worth it as you'll be able to get a close spot
    • If you're visiting on a slow day (Typically weekdays)

    If you're an early riser or plan to be there right before the park opens, you'll be able to skip purchasing a Preferred Parking pass as you'll be one of the first let in to park.

    This would allow you to park comparably close without needing to pay for the pass itself.

    Is Preferred Parking at Magic Kingdom Worth It?

    Preferred Parking at Magic Kingdom is worth it if you're visiting on a busy day, you want to minimized walking, and if you have a lot of belongings to carry to the park and back to the car.

    Although it is pricier than standard parking, it is well worth it after spending an entire day at the park, and getting in your car instantly.

    parking choice

    We've created a page with the best tips for parking at Magic Kingdom to help all guests.

    Buying Preferred Parking

    You can purchase your parking pass at the entrance of the park. You can simply follow the signs on the road to your desired park, and you will see a parking booth as you near.

    There will be cast members available inside of the booths to help you purchase your parking pass prior to entering.

    Can You Buy Parking For Disney World Online?

    No you cannot currently pre-pay for Disney World parking online. You will have to drive to the park entrance and pay at the booth.

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