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Where Can You Buy Butterbeer at Univeral Studios? | Top 5 Spots

No trip to the Universal theme parks can be complete without a cold cup of Harry, Ron and Hermione's favorite drink... Butterbeer!

In this guide, we'll share our favorite spots to grab a cup of this iconic beverage as well as some other unique drinks found at Universal Studios Florida, Universal Studios Hollywood and Islands of Adventure!

The Best Places To Get Butterbeer At Universal:

  • Hogs Head
  • Three Broomsticks
  • Butterbeer Cart
  • Fountain of Fair Fortune
  • Leaky Cauldron


            Fountain of Fair Fortune Sign

            Hog’s Head

            The Hog’s Head is a small bar area adjacent to The Three Boomsticks that lives true to it’s name with a giant animatronic hog’s head moving and snorting about behind the bar.

            The Hog’s Head is known for being one of Harry, Ron and Hermione’s favorite hangout spots in the Harry Potter series. It’s also become a favorite spot for grabbing a Butterbeer for us muggles!

            Seating is limited in this small and dark, incredibly themed bar, so you’ll need to get lucky when looking for seating or be ready to take your Butterbeer to go.

            Two bartenders at the Hog's Head bar

            Not only does the Hog’s Head serve Butterbeer, they have a variety of alcoholic beverages and other drinks to enjoy if Butterbeer isn’t your style.

            The Hog’s Head is a fantastic place to relax and grab a Butterbeer as the theming is so well done and straight out of the Harry Potter books.

            It’s one of our favorite spots and whether you’re looking to sit down and enjoy your Butterbeer or grab it to go you can’t miss stopping by Hog’s Head!

            Three Broomsticks 

            Another favorite spot of Harry, Ron and Hermione’s that you can also visit to grab a Butterbeer is the Three Broomsticks at Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Hollywood!

            The Three Broomsticks serves a variety of traditional English menu items as well as Butterbeer, pumpkin juice and alcoholic beverages including Wizarding World themed beers such as Wizard’s Brew and Dragon Scale.

            Three Broomsticks interior dining area

            Located on your left hand side just passed Honeyduke’s when entering through the main entrance of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Three Broomsticks is another incredibly themed spot to grab a Butterbeer with a meal or just to sit down and soak in the magic (and escape from the heat).

            Because Three Broomsticks is the only restaurant with a full menu in Hogsmeade Village it does tend to get very busy around lunch and dinner hours, so be prepared to wait in line when you arrive.

            TIP: If you’re an annual passholder Three Broomsticks and Hog’s Heard are spots you can get a discount on your Butterbeer! 

            Butterbeer Carts

            There is one huge Butterbeer cart located just outside of Three Broomsticks smack in the middle of Hogsmeade Village.

            This cart is designed specifically to quench your Butterbeer craving on the go with a can’t miss location as walk though Hogsmeade.

            Butterbeer cart at Universal Studios

            While the cart is pouring Butterbeer all day, it tends to sometimes see lengthy lines as it’s so conveniently located and often the first stop a first time visitor to Hogsmeade will want to make.

            During busy times of day and year there is often another Butterbeer cart that will open further in Hogsmeade Village near Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.

            This Butterbeer cart will often see shorter wait times because of its more tucked away location and less obvious signage.

            The Fountain of Fair Fortune sign at Diagon Alley

            The Fountain of Fair Fortune

            The Fountain of Fair Fortune in Diagon Alley at Universal Studios Florida is our favorite spot to grab a Butterbeer.

            While the interior isn’t a intricately detailed as some of the other restaurants and stores in the Wizarding World, the location is tucked away, indoors (air conditioning!) and typically has a very minimal wait!

            The Fountain of Fair Fortune doubles as a bar location in Diagon Alley that serves Fire Whiskey, Dragon Scale and Wizard’s Brew.

            Bar area inside The Fountain of Fair Fortune

            You can also get a variety of other non-alcoholic beverages at The Fountain of Fair Fortune including Pumpkin Juice, Gilly Water and Lemonade.

            The Fountain of Fair Fortune is designed for you to quickly grab a beverage and then continue on your day, so even though it’s an indoor location you won’t find any seating or tables.

            Leaky Cauldron

            The Leaky Cauldron is another location to grab a Butterbeer that feels straight out of the Harry Potter series.

            Tables and chairs inside the Leaky Cauldron at Universal Studios

            Located to your immediate left after entering Diagon Alley, Leaky Cauldron is similar to Three Broomsticks in that it sells a variety of food and beverage items not only limited to Butterbeer.

            Leaky Cauldron is the only spot in Diagon Alley with indoor seating to enjoy your Butterbeer, so we recommend stopping in if you’re looking to get off your feet and relax.



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