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The Best Wand To Get At Universal Studios | Guide & Tips

There are over 50 different wands available for purchase at Universal Studios and its easy to wonder what wand is the best.

With different prices, styles and elements like interactivity choosing the best wand is never easy.

In this guide we'll explain which wand we think is the best as well as some helpful hints on picking the best wand for yourself and a few ways to save money on your wand purchase! 

How We Determined The Best Wand To Get At Universal Studios:

  • Types of Wands
  • Wand Prices
  • Interactive vs Not Interactive
  • Character Wands vs Ollivanders Wands
  • The Best Wand To Get At Universal Studios! 

Shelf Full of Harry Potter Wands

Types of Wands

There are three major types of wands available to purchase at Universal Studios.

A key difference between wands that can greatly impact your experience at Universal Studios is choosing between interactive vs non-interactive wands.

Interactive wands that allow you to cast "spells" throughout Hogsmeade to trigger fun surprises and special effects while non-interactive of course do not.

Character Wands: These wands are replicas of the wands used by the iconic characters from the Harry Potter films.

There are dozens of character wands available and some of the most popular wands include: Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Albus Dumbledore, Lord Voldemort, Deatheaters, Bellatrix Lestrange and Sirius Black.

Hogwarts Express

Ollivander's Wands: Ollivander's Wands are less iconic wands which are designed to draw inspiration from the materials they are "built from". These include woods like oak, cedar and interior components like phoenix feathers and unicorn hairs.

These wands will looks a bit less extravagant than the character wands, but these wands are slightly cheaper and still come in interactive forms.

Collectors Edition Wands: Collectors Edition Wands are released each year which an exclusive design.

Typically only one Collectors Edition wand is released a year and in very limited quantities. These wands are often highly sought after, come in very unique designs and are the most expensive of any individual wands. 

Wand Prices

Below is an outline of pricing you can expect for the different types of wands.

  • Character Wands (Harry Potter, Dumbledore, Voldemort, etc.)
    • Interactive: $63
    • Regular: $55
  • Collectors Edition Wands
    • Interactive: $75
    • Regular: Not available - only sold as interactive
  • Ollivander's Wands
    • Interactive: $63
    • Regular: $55
  • Wand Collections
    • Triwizard Set: $195
    • Dumbledore's Army Set: $295
    • Weasley Set: $100 

Interactive vs Not Interactive

As mentioned earlier in the article, a key difference between wands is if they are interactive or "regular"/non-interactive wands.

Interactive wands allow you to cast spells and interact with different objects throughout The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. 

Collection of Harry Potter Wands on Display

For less than $9 extra the interactive wand is by far the better deal. The wizarding world truly comes to life with an interactive wand and enriches your entire visit to this magical place.

Our recommendation is to definitely choose an interactive wand.

Character Wands vs Ollivanders Wands

Deciding between a character wand or Ollivanders Wand comes down to personal choice.

Character wands are more intricately designed and are designed after the character whom they belonged to in the Harry Potter films.

While these wands are visually more impressive, they do feel less personal knowing they belong to someone else.

Voldemort's Wand

Ollivanders Wands are much less impressive in design, but you're able to pick colors and designs unique to your tastes.

If you're looking for the best of both worlds then consider the Collectors Edition Wand.

This wand is impressive in design and doesn't belong to any character from the Harry Potter series!

There's no wrong choice here - this decision comes down to personal preference.

Harry Potter Wands On Floating Display

The Best Wand To Get At Universal Studios!

The Collector's Edition Wand! While it's one of the most expensive wands you'll find at Universal Studios, it's impressive design and interactivity makes it truly special. 

The Collector's Edition Wand typically changes design on a yearly basis and hasn't disappointed yet.

With the constant changing of design you'll be one of just a handful of wizards able to get their hands on this incredible wand!


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