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What Time Do The Booths Open at the Food and Wine Festival?

When the booths open at EPCOT's Food & Wine festival, the event officially begins.

In this page, we explain exactly at what time the booths open, and why the booths are so important to this event.

What Time Do The Booths Open at the Food and Wine Festival?

The booths officially open at 11 am, however they're known to open a few minutes earlier.

epcot food and wine booth and menus

If you arrive in the morning before 11 am, although the booths may not be open, there are plenty of restaurants at each country that are still serving food and drinks.

In fact, when we recently visited EPCOT's Food and Wine festival we arrived at 10 am.

For that hour until the booths opened, were still able to walk around and grab food and drinks at several restaurants before looping back around to Mexico at 11 am.

food at mexico epcot

Empanadas with rice and beans across the pyramid in Mexico

When we arrived at 11 am, there was already a massive line that we would need to wait in.

Pro Tip - If you arrive to the park early, try to arrive 5-10 minutes before 11 am at your favorite booth to be one of the first people to be served.

Why Are There Booths at EPCOT?

The booths at EPCOT's Food & Wine festival are where visitors will be able to quickly order that country's authentic food/drink, and receive it within seconds.

Unlike the traditionally popular restaurants that will hand you a buzzer and make you wait 45 minutes, the booths at EPCOT are strategically designed to allow visitors to have minimum waits.

spain food and wine epcot booth

Booths come in all different shapes and sizes, as each country puts their own unique touch on their booth.

Visitors will be able to see a giant menu next to the booth, and then they'll be able to get in line, order, and receive their items quickly.

The booths are a super important part of EPCOT's Food & Wine Festival, as it is what allows visitors to be able to visit all of the different countries in the same day.

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