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Can You Uber/Lyft To EPCOT? | Easily Explained

Ride sharing services have become very popular and convenient in recent years.

In this page, we will explain whether or not you can Uber/Lyft to EPCOT, and if so, how to do it.

Can You Uber/Lyft To EPCOT?

Yes, you can use ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft to get dropped off at EPCOT.

epcot ride share drop off sign

There's even a designated ride sharing drop off location, that will drop you off in walking distance from the EPCOT entrance.

The Uber/Lyft app will direct the driver exactly to this area when they are dropping you off.

If for any reason, the app isn't working properly, Disney World does a very good job having plenty of signs around that your ride sharing driver can follow to get to the drop off point.

How to Get to the EPCOT Drop Off Location

Regardless of where you are coming from, you'll eventually need to stop at the EPCOT toll plaza to continue entering the park.

epcot toll booth plaza

This is where visitors normally pay for parking, however you can simply let the Disney cast member know that you're being dropped off and they will not charge you.

The cast member will then let you and your driver know to stay on the right hand side (it will turn into a right loop), to head directly to the guest pick up/drop off location.

You'll turn a parking lot, and at the far right of the parking lot there are electric vehicle parking spots.

electric vehicle parking epcot

This is where the guest off location is located, and exactly where you'll need to get back to when you need to get picked back up.

epcot pick up drop off location

Once you've been dropped off, you'll make a right turn on the pathway, and walk straight all the way down.

You'll know you're almost there when you see the monorail in the station at the top right.

monorail station epcot

You'll walk to the right of this, where you'll quickly find the security checkpoint.

Here, you'll walk through a metal detector and have your bags checked.

Once you've passed this point, you'll be able to head directly to the gate, scan your ticket (and finger), and enter the park.

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