3 Hotels Within Walking Distance to EPCOT

Don't let vacationing be stressful! Having to plan your means of transportation to the parks can get overwhelming if you don't have a car, but what if you can just walk?

In this page, we'll cover all of the hotels that are within walking distance to EPCOT, from shortest distance to longest.


Table of Contents

  1. Disney's Boardwalk Inn and Villas
  2. Disney's Beach Club Resort and Villas
  3. Disney's Yacht Club Resort
  4. Why Choose a Hotel Near EPCOT

1. Disney's Boardwalk Inn and Villas

Walking to EPCOT

Conveniently located only 5 minutes away by walking, visitors will end up in World Showcase seamlessly in only a few short minutes.

disneys boardwalk inn to epcot

Visitors will walk through the boardwalk on a very wide path, with tons of scenery on their way to the front gates.

Walking to Disney's Hollywood Studios

Visitors will also be able to head to Hollywood Studios on foot as well, it just won't be as short of a walk.

It will normally take around 15-20 minutes on the same boardwalk that you will take to arrive at EPCOT.

hollywood studios walking

2. Disney's Beach Club Resort and Villas

Walking to EPCOT

The International gateway is only 0.3 miles away from Disney's Beach Club Resort, which leads to a very easy 5 minute walk for guests.

walking to epcot

Walking to Disney's Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios is located a bit further away at almost a full mile away. Guests will still be able to walk to this park, however it'll take around 15-20 minutes.

hollywood studios walking

3. Disney's Yacht Club Resort

Just like the previously mentioned locations, guests will be able to walk on the edge of the waterway, and head directly to the park.

pathway walking disney to epcot

The distance from this resort to EPCOT is a little over a mile away, so you'll definitely want to ensure that you have your walking shoes on (and if you're headed to the park, you should have them on anyways!).

disneys club yacht resort to epcot

Why Choose a Hotel Near EPCOT

Less Walking

The most obvious benefit is that there's much less walking that you'll have to do as a visitor! Walking to and from your car, needing to find your car after an entire day at the park etc.

The list goes on and on.

Additionally, you'll be able to head back to your hotel, while exploring, taking pictures, and being able to stop by at different shops/restaurants on the way.

This sure beats having to deal with traffic while driving back to the hotel.

epcot family

Staying Around Everything That you Need

When it comes to restaurants, shops, beautiful views, ice cream, and lounges.. There's no better spot.

Everything that you will want to do at any time of the day, can be found within seconds of stepping out of your hotel room.

Combine that flexibility with staying within walking distance of EPCOT, and you can see why staying near EPCOT is a high priority for a lot of guests.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Disney Resort is Walking Distance to Epcot?

There are a few resorts within walking distance (around 1 mile or less) including: Disney's Boardwalk Inn and Villas, Disney's Beach Club Resort and Villas & Disney's Yacht Club Resort.