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When Does Universal Studios Decorate For Halloween? | Guide & Tips

If you’re planning to visit Universal Studios Florida or Universal Studios Hollywood in the fall you might be wondering when do the Universal theme parks begin decorating for Halloween.

In this guide we’ll determine the best time to go to Universal Studios if you’re hoping to see Halloween decorations, as well as highlight some of the special offerings and events that occur this time of year! 

Questions we'll answer about Halloween at Universal Studios:

  • Does Universal Studios Decorate For Halloween?
  • When Does Universal Studios Decorate for Halloween?
  • Halloween Horror Nights & Other Halloween Offerings!


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Does Universal Studios Decorate For Halloween?

Universal Studios absolutely decorates for Halloween Horror Nights, but their decorations might be a little different than what you may expect to see for a typical Halloween.

Universal Studios is home to Halloween Horror Nights and depending on the theming of the event’s haunted mazes and scarezones you might see some very unconventional Halloween decorations.

Neon chainsaw man at Universal Studios

Past years have had areas of the Universal themed to Vikings Undead, Anarch-Cade (a haunted arcade) and The Purge.

While these areas don’t come fully to life until evenings when Halloween Horror Nights begins, you still see a substantial amount of theming during the day.

If you’re looking for more classic Halloween decorations like jack o’lanterns, spooky lights and other fall theming you’ll find plenty of that at Universal Studios as well!

NOTE: While Halloween Horror Nights might not be appropriate for all ages, Universal during normal park hours is. Most of the truly scary/not kid friend decorations don’t come out until HHN on event nights.

When Does Universal Studios Decorate for Halloween?

HHN 32 Projection

Halloween fans will be pleased to know that Universal Studios in Orlando and Hollywood have started decorating for Halloween earlier than ever!

Decorations begin to go up in limited amounts during late August before going into full swing during the first week of September.

Universal Studios officially kicks off the Halloween season to coincide with Halloween Horror Nights which opens to the public in the first week of September.

If you’re hoping to see Universal Studios totally decorated for Halloween then we recommend visiting no earlier than the second week of September when the park should have all decorations in place.

Pumpkin man at Halloween Horror Nights

Halloween Horror Nights & Other Halloween Offerings!

The biggest Halloween fans (and those who don’t mind getting scared) can’t miss Halloween Horror Nights, Universal’s marquee Halloween event.

Halloween Horror Nights a truly terrifying event and the theming is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before with millions of dollars invested into top notch haunted mazes, costumes and other Halloween theming.

While Halloween Horror Nights is the major Halloween offering at Universal Studios there are other limited Halloween offerings available at the parks. Below we’ve outlined some previous Halloween experiences from previous years.

  • Trick Or Treating: Specifically for younger guests, Universal invites you to trick or treat across their park at select stores and attractions for special treats!
  • Character Meetings: Select characters will be wearing Halloween costumes or fall themed apparel. This is a great time to see your favorite characters dressed differently than you may seem them during other times of the year.
  • Food & Drink: Halloween means specially themed food and drinks at Universal Studios! Witches Brew cocktails, pumpkin spice and “Funnel Brains” await!



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