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Universal Studios Hollywood Weather | How Does It Really Feel?

It's easy to look up the weather at Universal Studios Hollywood and see what the temperature is going to be, but anyone who traveled before knows temperatures can be deceiving to how the weather actually feels!

Our Universal Studios Hollywood weather guide details what the average weather is month by month, as well as real life experience as to how these temperatures actually feel.

Questions We'll Answer About The Weather at Universal Studios Hollywood:

  • What Does The Weather Actually Feel Like At Universal Studios Hollywood?
    • January - March
    • April - June
    • July - September
    • October - December

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What Does The Weather Actually Feel Like At Universal Studios Hollywood?

January - March

January through March you'll find some of the coldest weather all year at Universal Studios Hollywood. 

The average high each month will be in the upper 60's, occasionally pushing into the mid 70's, with lows right around 50 degrees.

You should also expect a light breeze if not steady winds especially at night. Universal Studios Hollywood is situated on top of a cliff, so its prone to stronger winds and breezes.

We find that the weather in Universal Studios Hollywood feels a lot colder than it really is, so even if you've experienced these temperatures before we'd recommend packing a little bit warmer than you normally would. Any bit of windiness will only add to this "feels colder than it really is" weather.

While it's not unbearably cold, we do recommend a heavier jacket and 1-2 layers at night. During the day you'll likely be fine with just a shirt and light jacker and/or sweater. 

Don't let sunny California deceive you... it certainly can feel very chilly here!

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April - June

April through June sees some of the best weather you can expect at Universal Studios Hollywood, so you're in luck if you visit during this time of year!

You can expect an average high in the low 70's in April, mid 70's in May and high 70's in June. The average low temperatures  will follow a similar pattern, but in the 60's with April averaging around 62 degrees and May averaging 69 degrees.

This means during the day you can get away with a short sleeve shirt, light sweater or light jacket depending on the specific day. You can't really go wrong with a long sleeve shirt for when the wind picks up and at night we'd recommend carrying a light jacket!

Again, don't let the numbers fool you - especially at night it's gonna feel colder than what the numbers say. 

Overall, April through June is a great, if not the best, time to visit Universal Studios Hollywood with perfect weather and sunny skies. 

Universal Studios Metal Globe

July - September

July through September are of course your summer months, but thankfully summer in Los Angeles is typically pretty tolerable. 

You'll see highs in the low 80's throughout these months with lows in the high 60's. This is perfect t-shirt and short wearing weather nearly everyday - some people even choose to wear a light long sleeve shirt in the evenings. 

While summers at Universal Studios Hollywood typically aren't too bad there are heat waves that can roll in and last 2-3 days. 

During these heat waves temperatures can rise into the 100's and be absolutely brutal. Luckily, we don't see this all too often, but it is something to be mindful of before you leave for the park!

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October - December

October through December the weather will start cooling down again at Universal Studios Hollywood, but it can be a bit more unpredictable than the rest of the year.

While the high temperatures official are 78 in October, 71 in November and 66 in December, it can easily be much hotter during these months. 

As with the summer months, October can also sometimes see heatwaves with temperatures stretching into the low 100's. These heatwaves aren't common, but it's just one way to illustrate how wildly temperatures can fluctuate during these months. 

Same goes with the average low temperatures. October sees an average low of 58, November sees an average of 52 and 47 is the average low in December.

These temperatures are already quite chilly, but it can get even colder and, as we mentioned earlier in this article, the weather always feels a bit colder in Los Angeles than the numbers might suggest! 



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