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Valet Parking is a surprising option available at Universal Orlando as it's not offered at most theme parks in Orlando and probably something you're more accustomed to seeing at a hotel or fancy restaurant, not a theme park! 

This Valet Parking Guide explains all the details of Valet Parking at Universal Orlando including tips and savings as well as our verdict if Valet Parking is worth the price. 

Valet Parking Explained

valet parking at universal orlando

Valet Parking is a premium parking option situated closer to the entrances of Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure than Regular and Prime Parking. 

Valet Parking at Universal Orlando is very similar to how valet operates at a hotel or restaurant.

After arriving in the Valet Parking lot, attendants will come to your vehicle, take down your name, give you a claim number and park your vehicle for you. 

When you return at the end of the day you will pay based on the amount of time you spent at Universal (detailed below). Someone will then find your car and drive it right up to you! 

It's a very straightforward process with the biggest perks being you won't need to remember where you parked your car in one of the massive parking garages and you'll likely cut your walking time in half! 

parking toll booth at universal orlando

How Much Is Valet Parking At Universal Orlando?

Valet parking at Universal Orlando starts at $27, but pricing varies greatly depending on your time of arrival as well as your length of stay. 

Arrival anytime before 6PM

  • $27 for 0-2 hours
  • $75 for over 2 hours

Arrival anytime after 6PM

  • $26 for 0-2 hours
  • $75 for over 2 hours

TIP: Read our Universal Orlando Parking Prices Guide for information, tips and deals on all things Universal Parking! 

Be mindful of the time if you choose Valet Parking and are trying to stay within the 0-2 hour window, even if you spend just a few minutes two hours you'll need to pay the $75 fee.

Where is Valet Parking at Universal Orlando?

Valet parking is actually not part of the main parking structures at Universal Orlando is found just across the street.

Pay close attention to the signs along Universal Boulevard while driving which will guide you to Valet Parking.

universal orlando valet parking location

Valet parking is located where the red pin is just above "Hollywood Drive-In Golf" while the main parking garages can be seen on the upper right and bottom right corners of the map. 

TIP: If you arrive at the main parking area, Universal employees at the tolls booths will give you instructions on how to navigate to Valet Parking if asked. 

After you leave your car with the valet attendants you'll be guided through a security checkpoint and up a set of escalators to CityWalk. You'll emerge right next to the Universal Cinemark movie theatre and Hollywood Drive-In Golf.

You'll still have a bit of a walk to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, but it'll be about half the distance compared to the parking garages and you've avoided the lines at the main security checkpoint. 

Universal Orlando Valet Parking Discounts

Valet Parking discounts are available to Preferred Annual Passholders of Universal Orlando. Preferred Annual Passholders can show their Annual Pass to receive Valet Parking for just $20. 

The $20 rate applies to any arrival time and length of stay, but note that availability is limited. 

Free Universal Orlando Valet Parking

There's only one way to get free Valet Parking at Universal Orlando and that's by being a Premier Annual Passholder.

It's a great perk and all you need to do is show your annual pass when you arrive in the Valet Parking area. 

If you plan to visit Universal Orlando often and utilize Valet Parking then buying the Premier Annual Pass is definitely worth considering. 

Is Valet Parking Worth It?

At $75 for 2+ hours of time Valet Parking isn't something we normally recommend unless it's for a special occasion.

We often find that Prime Parking for $50 good enough of an upgrade for parking with plenty of spots situated in great locations across the parking garages. 

If you're truly looking for a hassle free parking experience and want to get into the parks as fast as possible then by all means go for Valet Parking, but the high price tag is what normally deters us. 

At $26 and $27 for less than two hours of time, we'd recommend Valet Parking for a meal at CityWalk when you're looking to spend less time on your feet and want more convenience.

Keep an eye on the clock though and make sure to factor in walking time! 

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