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How to Buy a Universal Studios Hollywood Parking Pass | Tips & Deals

Universal Studios Hollywood allows you to purchase tickets, hotel reservations and express passes online or at the gate, but parking passes have little information available.

We'll detail the various parking options available at Universal Studios Hollywood and how you can prepare yourself to purchase parking for your next visit to Universal Studios. 

Questions We'll Answer About Universal Studios Parking Passes:

  • What Parking Options Are Available at Universal Studios Hollywood?
  • Can You Buy A Universal Studios Hollywood Parking Pass Online?
  • How Do You Buy A Universal Studios Hollywood Parking Pass?
  • Universal Studios Hollywood Parking Discounts & Deals!

universal studios hollywood parking garage

What Parking Options Are Available at Universal Studios Hollywood?

Universal Studios Hollywood has four different parking options which we've outline below. 


General Parking is your most standard and common parking option at Universal Studios Hollywood.

General Parking spots are typically the furthest from Universal Studios Hollywood's main entrance when compared to the other parking options. 

While General Parking is the furthest from the park's entrance, it's also the cheapest parking option available. 


Preferred Parking is a step up from General Parking and located significantly closer to the entrance of Universal Studios Hollywood. 

Preferred Parking is located towards the front of Universal CityWalk Hollywood and only a 3-5 minute walk to the security checkpoint and park entrance. 

As you might expect, Preferred Parking is going to be more expensive than General Parking and capacity for these spots are limited. 

front gate parking at universal studios hollywood



Front Gate Parking is going to be substantially more expensive than Preferred Parking and General Parking, but as the name suggests you are almost literally parking right next to the front gate of Universal Studios Hollywood.

Front Gate Parking is just steps away from the security checkpoint which leads you just a few more steps away from the turnstiles leading into Universal Studios Hollywood.

These spots are extremely limited in quantity and tend to fill up quickly on busier times of year like holidays. 

Valet Parking at Universal Studios Hollywood



Valet Parking, like the name suggests, allows you to drop your car off with Universal Studios Hollywood employees and quickly be off on your way. 

You don't need to worry about driving your car through the parking garages or looking for you car on the way back from a long day at Universal Studios with Valet Parking.

Upon returning to the valet parking drop-off area, Universal employees will retrieve your car for you. 

Universal Studios Hollywood Entrance

Can You Buy A Universal Studios Hollywood Parking Pass Online?

Universal Studios Hollywood parking passes cannot be purchased online.

Unlike some other theme parks, parking passes are not available online and only tickets can be purchased in advance online for Universal Studios Hollywood. 

TIP: Buying your tickets online before your trip from an authorized retailer like Theme Park Center can sometimes save you $10+ per person!

How Do You Buy A Universal Studios Hollywood Parking Pass?

Universal Studios Hollywood passes must be purchased at the parking booth as you drive up to the property. 

Cash, debit and credit cards are all accepted as method of payments at the parking booth. 

universal studios hollywood parking booth


There is currently no way to purchase your parking pass online or in advance in any way. 

Because Universal Studios has so many different parking options, we expect this policy to remain unchanged as Universal wants to explain each parking option to you when you arrive on their property. 

Universal Studios Hollywood Parking Discounts & Deals!

Discounts are available for General Parking and Valet Parking if you are going to see a movie or dine at one of the CityWalk restaurants.

You can also get free parking at Universal Hollywood if you have select annual passes or participating in the VIP Experience.  

Valet Prices w/Validation from CityWalk Full-Service (table service) Restaurant

  • 0 - 2.5 Hours: $10
  • 2.5 - 3.5 Hours: $15
  • 3.5 Hours: $50 

$5 General Parking 

  • Show your parking receipt at the ticket booth or guest service desk after purchasing a movie ticket to be refunded the difference in what you paid. Note that the $5 parking offer is only valid for General Parking, you must show proof a movie ticket purchase as well as your parking receipt. 

While there aren't many ways to get discounts on parking at Universal Studios Hollywood, you can save $10+ per person by purchasing your tickets online which can easily cover the cost of parking!