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Aquatica's Cabanas: Everything You Need to Know

Getting a cabana on your visit to Aquatica sounds like a luxurious way to avoid the crowds while dining and relaxing in your own dedicated personal space, but are cabanas worth the price?

In this article, we'll discuss all of the benefits (and expenses) of renting a cabana at Aquatica!

What's Included With an Aquatica Cabana?

There are six different types of cabanas available at Aquatica all located in different areas of the waterpark with different perks included.

We've outlined the six different cabanas below along with some highlights of what's included with your rental. 

Premium Cabanas

Located between the wave pools, these cabanas include premium lounge chairs, a refrigerator with complimentary bottles of water, a locker, ceiling fan and 20% off merchandise! 

Premium Cabana at Aquatica

Food and beverages are also available to order and will be delivered right to your cabana. 

Roa's Rapids Family Cabanas

Located near the center of Aquatica, these cabanas include everything the Premium Cabanas have along with a picnic table and additional lounge chairs to accommodate up to 10 guests.

Roa's Rapids River Cabanas are perfect for larger groups who need just a bit more accommodations than what's included with the Premium Cabanas. 

Walkabout Waters Cabanas

These cabanas are one of the more affordable options available.

Walkabout Waters Cabana at Aquatica

Walkabout Waters Cabana (with more standard furniture vs Premium Cabanas)

Best suited for a family of 4 these cabanas are a scaled down version of the Premium Cabanas with less luxurious lounge chairs and a less central location further from some of the more popular attractions at Aquatica. 

A fridge with complimentary bottles of water and in-cabana food and beverage service is also available!

Beach Front Cabanas

Located smack on the beach in front of the two wave pools at Aquatica, you'll find the Beach Front Cabanas to have all of the same offerings and furniture found at the Walkabout Waters Cabanas, but with a much more premium location. 

Roa's Rapids Cabana

Also with similar furniture and accommodations to the Beach Front and Walkabout Waters Cabanas, the Roa's Rapids Cabana is located alongside the lazy river which makes for a great way to get around the park right from your cabana. 

Ultimate Cabana

The Ultimate Cabana is actually two cabanas and a dining table!

Ultimate Cabana at Aquatica

Located between the wave pools, the Ultimate Cabana can accommodate up to 10 guests with its two spacious covered cabanas, multiple beach and lounge chairs and more private location tucked between lots of greenery. 

The Ultimate Cabana also includes a refrigerator with complimentary bottles of water, a locker and food & beverage service. 

How Much Do Aquatica Cabanas Cost?

Depending on the type of cabana you're booking, you can expect to pay $59 at a minimum, while some cabanas start at over $200 for the day.

Pricing is variable depending on the time of year and the type of cabana you're interested, so you'll need to use the booking tool on the Aquatica website in order to see the most accurate pricing. 

You'll find prices to be much higher for cabanas during the entire Summer as well as around major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas (if it's warm enough for Aquatica to be opend!). 

Cabanas will typically be cheaper in the Fall, Winter and early Spring as long as you aren't looking to book a cabana near a major holiday. 

Where Are the Aquatica Cabanas Located?

Cabanas are located throughout the entire park with the more expensive cabanas being located near some of the most popular rides. 

Aquatica has a helpful map, which you can also see below, which illustrates where all of the cabanas available to rent are located (highlighted in yellow). 

Aquatica Cabanas Map

Are Cabanas Worth the Price?

If you're visiting with a large group and hoping to have a central spot for everyone to hangout together then cabanas are a great investment on your next trip to Aquatica. 

We don't find cabanas as valuable for smaller groups, but some may appreciate having a space to get some shade and relax while being away from the general crowds where you might not find the best spots for relaxation. 

If you absolutely want your own private space to lounge in when visiting Aquatica then a cabana is a must-have.

If you're not too particular about where you'll spend relaxation time, or more interested in enjoying the rides and attractions then it might be best to pass on a cabana and put that money to use elsewhere. 

Overall, we think cabanas are a fun and useful purchase especially if you'll be attending with a large group that wants to spend a lot of time together relaxing and eating.

For smaller groups and those who aren't interested in lounging then we usually suggest passing on this purchase. 

Aquatica Cabana Discounts & Deals!

Aquatica pass holders can save up to 30% on cabanas throughout the year. 

This discount varies, so you'll need to check in advance to see what discount rate Aquatica is offering before you book your cabana. 

You can also save up to $10 per person on your Aquatica tickets by purchasing your tickets online in advance. Depending on how big of a group you're traveling with these savings could amount to an entire cabana!   


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