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Does Aquatica Close When it Rains? | Easily Explained

When you're visiting a water park, rain is one of the few things that you can't control, that can still impact your experience.

In this page, we will go over if Aquatica closes when it rains, if they offer refunds, and the pros and cons of going on a rainy day.

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Sunny Day Ticket at Aquatica

If your visit is impacted by severe weather, Aquatica will offer visitors a Sunny Day Ticket. This ticket expires one year from when you receive it, and allows visitors to return without purchasing an additional ticket. This perk allows you to shop with confidence knowing that you'll be able to experience the park no matter what happens.

lightning and rain

Visitors can't control the weather (neither can Aquatica), and many visitors can only take off of work weeks in advance to bring their kids to the park and spend their hard-earned money (even if there's a chance that it storms).

This pass provides visitors with the peace of mind that even if it rains, they will still be able to return and fully enjoy the park at another date.

You'll want to know when the best day to visit Aquatica is when planning your visit.

How to Get Your Sunny Day Ticket

Before you leave the park, visit Guest Relations to receive your Sunny Day Ticket. 

In these locations, you'll swap your single-day or multi-day ticket, and receive your Sunny Day ticket.

If you do not hand in your ticket on the day of your admission, you will no longer be eligible to receive a Sunny Day ticket.

It's important to note that add-ons such as Parking, Lockers, All Day Dining, Quick Queue passes and cabanas aren't included with your Sunny Day ticket.

aquatica splash park

Does Aquatica Close When it Rains?

Aquatica can close due to severe thunderstorms, but ultimately it is at the park's discretion.

They can also temporarily suspend rides until the weather improves, and then resume rides when the weather clears up.

During this time visitors may be asked to evacuate ride areas, pools, and dining areas to seek shelter.

Pros and Cons of the Rain

Perks of Going on a Rainy Day

If you don't mind getting wet, lines will be minimal as most visitors will clear out of the park almost immediately.

aquatica orlando tube rides under water

This leads to incredibly short lines, and you'll easily be able to ride the same ride back to back.

Cons of Going on a Rainy Day

The downside however is that if thunderstorms begin forming, you're risking having to pause or possibly even end your trip.

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