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What Is The Tallest Ride at Disney World? | Fun Facts & Info

Disney World is home to some truly massive structures across its property leaving many to wonder what the tallest ride at Disney might actually be.

We're revealing what the tallest ride at Disney World is (it's a close call between two rides!) as well as fun facts about these tall attractions!

Questions We'll Answer About The Tallest Rides At Walt Disney World:

  • What Is The Tallest Ride At Disney World?
  • Fun Facts about Tower of Terror and Expedition Everest!

What Is The Tallest Ride At Disney World?

The tallest ride at Walt Disney World is Expedition Everest by only a matter of inches!

Both Expedition Everest and Tower of Terror are about 199 feet tall, but Expedition Everest is taller by 6 inches. 

When comparing the two structures from the ground it's easy to think Tower of Terror is the taller structure as it's more bulky and imposing, but Expedition Everest is in-fact just half a foot taller!

Expedition Everest Ride

Fun Facts!

Expedition Everest and Tower of Terror are nearly tied for being the tallest rides at Walt Disney World, so we've put together some fun facts to about their height to show what separates the two attractions!


While Expedition Everest is slightly taller than Tower of Terror, Tower of Terror's drop dwarves Expedition Everest by 50 feet! Tower of Terror's drop is 130 feet compared to Expedition Everest's 80 feet.

Tower of Terror building on a cloudy day


Both Expedition Everest and Tower of Terror are taller than Cinderella's Castle which "only" stands at 189 feet tall.


Not only is Mt. Everest the tallest mountain in the world, Expedition Everest is the tallest artificial mountain in the world sharing a fun superlative with its real-life inspiration.


The state of Florida requires all buildings 200 feet and taller to have a blinking light placed atop them as a signal to low flying planes and other aircrafts. 

Because these blinking lights would take away from carefully crafted theming of the structures (especially Expedition Everest) Disney makes sure these structures never exceed 200 feet in height!


Expedition Everest edges out Tower of Terror here with a 50 mile per hour drop compared to Tower of Terror's 39 mile per hour drop.


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