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Revealed: Most Expensive Items At Disney | A $250,000 Souvenir!

Disney is well known for some eye-popping price tags, but at $250,000 - the most expensive souvenirs you can find at Disney will cost you more than a Lamborghini!  

We're here to show you the two most expensive items you can buy at Walt Disney World and Disneyland and share some fun facts about these exotic souvenirs!

What Are The Most Expensive Items For Sale At Disney?

  • The Second Most Expensive Item For Sale At Disney
  • The Most Expensive Item For Sale At Disney
  • Other Expensive Items At Disney

$250,000 Price Tag at Disney

The Second Most Expensive Item For Sale At Disney

The second most expensive item for sale at Disney is a gemstone recreation of Cinderella's Castle. 

This beautiful, glimmering castle had been the most expensive item for sale at Disney for years and was just recently dethroned.

Gemstone Castle for sale at Disney

The price tag? $49,500 before tax! 

It's hard to believe, but yes, we've asked cast members many times if anyone has purchased this amazing version of Cinderella’s Castle and they confirmed there has been multiple buyers. 

$49,500 Price Tag

With some of the most loyal fans in the world it's no surprise there are plenty of Disney lovers with deep pockets who would jump at the opportunity to purchase this Cinderella's Castle recreation. 

For years they have been able to say they own the most expensive item available for sale at Disney, but only recently has a bigger, more expensive item claimed the title of "Most Expensive Souvenir at Disney".

The Most Expensive Item For Sale At Disney

The most expensive item for sale at Disney is an even grander and elaborate gemstone recreation of Cinderella's Castle.

Only 50 of these extravagant pieces of art exist with a price tag of $250,000!

Gemstone Encrusted Cinderella Castle

As you can see in the pictures, this gemstone adorned version of Cinderella's Castle is much more detailed with colored stones and even a walkway up the castle included. 

The pictures don't even do this beautiful creation justice as the shimmering blue stones and sparkles are so much more amplified when actually seeing the castle in person. 

Alternative View of Gemstone Encrusted Cinderella Castle

This castle is also a bit larger in terms of dimensions and while we weren't able to hold it ourselves, cast members did claim that it's substantially heavier than the $49,500 Cinderella's Castle. 

This piece was created specially for the 50th anniversary celebration of Walt Disney World, but will remain on sale until all 50 castles are purchased!

"Cinderella Castle" Placard

Even if it's out of your budget we recommend stopping by to see the castle in-person at Crystal Arts in the Magic Kingdom to see just how beautiful it truly is. 

Other Expensive Items At Disney

Nothing really compares in terms of price tag to the gemstone Cinderlla Castles at Disney, but there are a few other expensive items you'll find on the shelves. 

Designer handbags, wallets and clothing from Coach, Dooney and Bourke and Gucci have all rotated through Disney with prices ranging from $80 for a wallet to over $800 for a handbag. 

Walt Disney World also released a golden gemstone encrusted mickey ear hat to celebrate the resort's 50th anniversary for a price of $1,000! 

From time to time you'll also find life size recreation of popular Star Wars characters like R2-D2, Stormtroopers and Darth Vader at Disney ranging somewhere between $1,000 - $20,000 depending on the character. 

Mainly at Disneyland is a collection of items and documents signed by Walt Disney himself, typically starting at around $10,000. 



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