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Disney Texas | News, Rumors & Controversies!

Rumors have swirled for years about The Walt Disney Company building a new theme park in the state of Texas.

Many years ago Disney was researching land and communities throughout Texas that may have been suitable to build a theme park near, but what became of this research?

In this guide we'll detail Disney's plans to build a theme park in Texas as well as the latest news and rumors surrounding what actually might be happening in Texas... if anything at all! 

Questions We'll Answer About Disney Texas:

  • Why Would Disney Build a Theme Park in Texas?
  • Is Disney Building a Theme Park in Texas?
  • Disney Texas Theme Park News & Rumors! 

Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland

Why Would Disney Build a Theme Park in Texas?

There are three main reason reasons Disney would build a theme park in Texas:

  • Weather
  • Central Location
  • Business Friendly Policies

The weather in most of Texas is warm throughout the year and generally sunny similar to the weather in Florida where Walt Disney World is located. 

While parts of Texas are susceptible to snow, freezes, and floods, there are large areas of Texas that do avoid the more extreme weather events and would make for generally good weather to operate a theme park year-round. 

The second reason Disney would build a theme park in Texas is because of Texas's central location in the United States. 

Pirates of the Carribean entrance surrounded by trees

Texas is located more or less in the middle of the United States and would make a theme park very accessible to those in the Great Plains region of the United States.

Some may argue that this would cannibalize attendance at Disneyland and Disney World because residents of this region don't mind traveling to Florida or California, but there is a large portion of the population who might consider a Disney vacation if it was a bit closer to home. 

The final reason why Disney would build a theme park in Texas is because of Texas's very pro-business and business-friendly state policies. 

Texas has some of the lowest business taxes in the country, as well as minimal business regulations and no individual income tax, which at least financially, makes doing business very attractive to big companies like Disney. 

Disneyland railroad building on Main Street

Is Disney Building a Theme Park in Texas?

At this time Disney is not building a theme park in Texas.

While there have been rumors and rumblings about Disney moving to Texas because of pro-business state financial policies, Disney is not currently in the process of moving to Texas.

Along with rumblings of Disney expanding its theme park presence to other states, this rumor mainly began to pick up steam when an article posted on a satirical website began circulating on Facebook titled: "BREAKING: Disneyland is abandoning California, moving to Texas".

Downtown Disney Rotundra

To add fuel to the fire, another major player in the theme park industry did announce plans to build a Texas-based theme park...

Universal Studios recently announced their plans to build a theme park in Texas - we're tracking all the updates and news here!

Disney has two massively successful resorts on both coasts of the United States with expansion plans in place, so building an entirely new theme park in Texas doesn't appear to be in the cards with the amount of money being invested in the existing theme parks. 

While Walt Disney World and Disneyland may feel more crowded than ever, Disney is focused on expanding these locations rather than adding a new location which may take considerably more time, money, and planning. 

Jungle Cruise entrance sign at Disneyland

Disney Texas Theme Park News & Rumors!

We've listed some of the most popular Disney Texas news and rumors below as well as details on what is and isn't actually in the works. 

  • Is Disney building a theme park in Texas?

As of 2023, Disney has no plans to build a theme park in Texas.

  • Is Disney relocating their headquarters to Texas?

Disney is not relocating their headquarters to Texas. Even plans to relocate a large number of employees from California to Florida have been canceled, so it appears Disney is keeping their headquarters in California for a long time.

  • Is Disney moving Disneyland to Texas?

No. Doing so would cost Disney hundreds of millions of dollars and is impossible to relocate rides, buildings, and other structures. 

  • Is Disneyland closing?

No, business at Disneyland is very strong and The Walt Disney Company continues to show a desire to invest in and expand the Disneyland Resort. 

  • What's the controversy between Disney and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis?

Former Disney CEO Bob Chapek became embattled in controversy over his stance on legislation Ron DeSantis was advancing in Florida. Bob Chapek initially refused to speak out on the legislative bill nicknamed "Don't Say Gay" and once he did, Governor Ron DeSantis wasn't happy about it. Governor DeSantis has since been accused of unfairly targeting Disney to complicate its business operations in Florida.

This sparked a whole slew of legal battles and outcry that is still ongoing to this day and once again has sparked the conversation of Disney potentially moving some of its operations to Texas.



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