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What Is San Diego Zoo's Bag Policy? | Rules & Tips

Like many zoos, theme parks and attractions across the country, the San Diego Zoo has a bag policy in which every guest must follow.

We've detailed in this guide what types of bags are allowed into the San Diego Zoo as well as what types of backs won't be allowed through the gates!

Questions We'll Answer About San Diego Zoo's Bag Policy: 

  • What Types of Bags are Prohibited at the San Diego Zoo?
  • What Types of Bags are Allowed at the San Diego Zoo?


"San Diego Zoo" Sign

What Types of Bags are Prohibited at the San Diego Zoo?

Luggage suitcases of any kind will typically not be allowed into the San Diego Zoo.

This includes both large suitcases and carry-on size suitcases - if it's any sort of travel bag with wheels you'll likely not be allowed to bring it into the zoo with you.

You also won't be able to bring in travel bags for golf clubs, tennis racquets and most sporting equipment. 

Lion Statue outside of the San Diego Zoo Entrance

San Diego Zoo does offer luggage storage for a fee though if you absolutely need to bring your suitcases with you. 

If you're going straight to the airport from the San Diego Zoo then having them store your luggage is a decent option, but keep in mind there is often a lengthy walk from the parking lots to the actual entrance of the zoo. 

Coolers are generally allowed into the San Diego Zoo, cannot be larger than six pack size. 

Two hippos in the water

You are welcomed however to keep your large coolers in your car and then enjoy any food/beverage inside the cooler on the tables located right outside the zoo's front gates. 

Any sort of glass containers or carrying cases will also not be allowed into the San Diego Zoo. 

What Types of Bags are Allowed at the San Diego Zoo?

Most types of small and medium sized bags are allowed at the San Diego Zoo.

Purses, handbags and satchels can generally be brought into the San Diego Zoo without any issues.

Double Decker San Diego Zoo Tour Bus

Lunchboxes and coolers are allowed into San Diego Zoo with some restrictions to keep in mind that we detailed in the previous section. 

Backpacks and duffle bags may be brought into the zoo as well! 



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