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The largest amusement park in the midwest features 64 rides and attractions. 

This 235 acre park located in Kansas City, Missouri also showcases a water park conveniently located next to it, known as Oceans of Fun.

Roller Coasters

Worlds of fun showcases some of the most unique and thrilling roller coasters in the country including Mamba, Patriot & Timberwolf.

worlds of fun timberwolf

If you're not familiar with these coasters, you can learn about them and even watch point of view videos in our Worlds of Fun tips page.

They are a mixture of inverted roller coasters, wooden coasters, and hyper coasters. There's even spinning coasters as well!

These give you a wide range of unique experiences through every ride, as they each have something different to offer.

Planet Snoopy

Planet Snoopy was designed for families and younger children in mind. Featuring over 20 rides and attractions, those little ones who miss out on the normal rides due to not being tall (or old) enough can have their own fun here.

worlds of fun planet snoopy

Although there are many Planet Snoopy's around the country, this one in particular is very popular due to the large size of the park along with how well maintained it is.

Every year families stop by this area to ensure that their kids can have an experience of a lifetime, while the parents can also participate in most rides as well for an ultimate bonding experience.

Oceans of Fun

Conveniently located right next to Worlds of Fun, Oceans of Fun opened in 1982 as the world's biggest water park.

oceans of fun

Guests commonly spend hours at Worlds of Fun before making their way to the water park to cool off the rest of the day.

This 64 acre area contains 10 water slides and even a wave pool.

When you purchase with us, Oceans of Fun is included with your admission. 

Fast Lane

Fast lane is an upgrade that you can purchase along with your ticket that allows you to skip the line for most rides.

You'll receive a wristband and have a separate and shorter line to go straight to the ride.

Fast lane is often sold out due to the convenience of the perks.

Worlds of Fun Village

Did you know that you don't have to stay at a hotel and can stay somewhere closer?

Worlds of Fun village offers guests fully-equipped RV Sites, Rustic Family Cabins and Cozy Woodside Cottages rentals.

worlds of fun villages

On top of all of this, you're only a short walk away!

Halloween Haunt

Halloween Haunt is a seasonal event that Worlds of Fun holds during the halloween season.

The park brings out haunted mazes, scare zones, and even live shows all while they have monsters roaming the park.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much is a Ticket to Worlds of Fun?

Ticket prices vary depending on whether you're visiting during the week or on the weekend. During the week, prices will naturally be lower compared to the weekend.

How Can I get Discounted Worlds of Fun Tickets?

When you purchase with us, you will save $30+ per ticket on the weekends. We're able to do this as we are authorized theme park ticket resellers.

How Much are Worlds of Fun Tickets at the Gate?

Purchasing your tickets at the gate will always be more expensive than booking online ahead of time. When you purchase online, the tickets will always be cheaper than the gate, and you wont have to wait in line. You will be able to walk right up to the gate.

Can you Bring Bags Into Worlds of Fun?

Bringing bags into Worlds of Fun is allowed, you just cannot bring them on the rides due to safety concerns. However, you can rent a locker and conveniently store them while you ride the rides or navigate through the park.

Can you Refund Worlds of Fun tickets?

Unfortunately no refunds are available.

Is Worlds of Fun Safe?

Worlds of Fun has taken all of the necessary precautions to reopen with the main goal being the safety of the visitors. Reservations are currently required to enter the park. Reservations are included with the purchase of your ticket.

Can you Bring a Water Bottle into Worlds of Fun?

Guests are allowed to bring unopened water bottles into the park. This can save guests a lot of money throughout the day. However, coolers are not allowed so plan accordingly.

How Much is Parking at Worlds of Fun?

Parking can vary from $25-$30.

We've written a Worlds of Fun parking guide that breaks down the different types of parking, costs, and why visitors get certain types of parking.