How Does Parking For EPCOT Work? | Explained

When you pull up to the parking lot, you'll realize there are multiple options available when parking at the EPCOT park.

In this page, we'll go over all of the parking options that are available, why you'd consider other parking options, and how they stack up against each other.

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Pay For Parking Once For All Parks

It's important to know that you only need to pay for parking once, and it will be valid for all Disney World parks for the duration of the day.

Parking for epcot

This means that if you purchase parking at EPCOT, and later on in the day decide to get back in your car and drive to Animal Kingdom, you won't have to pay for parking again.

You'll simply need to show them your parking receipt to prove that you've already paid for parking for the day.

Did You Make a Reservation?

The first question that the parking attendant will ask you is if you have a reservation to the park, for the day.

This is for two reasons:

  1. To ensure that you're actually able to get into the park
  2. To prevent guests from wasting money on parking if they can't get into the park

Standard Parking

Standard Parking is going to be your most basic and cheapest option when parking at EPCOT.

It's also the most common parking choice amongst visitors. 

General Parking will be $25 consistently every day of the year, for one car or motorcycle.

Currently, you can only purchase parking once you arrive to the park, as there's no online pre-pay parking available.

Preferred Parking

Preferred Parking will provide you access to park closer to the entrance of the park, at a higher cost than general parking, for $45-$50 (depending on the day).

preferred parking for epcot

You may think that it's not a big deal, however you should take into consideration how you will feel after a long day at the park.

After walking around for the entire day, some guests don't want to spend another half an hour (on a busy day) walking back and trying to find their car.

Upgrade to Preferred Parking

If you purchased General Parking, and later on changed your mind and wanted to upgrade, you can do so at any parking toll booth. You'll simply pay the difference.

Oversize Parking

For oversize vehicles such as a:

  • Shuttle
  • Limo
  • Camper Trailer
  • RV
  • Bus
  • Tractor Trailer

The cost for parking will be $30 per day.

Electric Vehicle Parking

There are ChargePoint stations available at EPCOT, as close to the entrance as possible. 

electric vehicle parking for epcot

If you are riding in an electric car, you'll be able to park your car at one of these designated spots, and charge your car while experiencing the park.

There's only one catch.

These spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and they be taken up fast.

Know About the Car Locator

If you're an old-school type of person, you can simply take a picture of the sign of the row that you parked at, and then look for it after your day at the park.

epcot parking sign d discover

However, you should be aware that Disney's MyExperience app now has a built in car locator that uses your phone's Location Services to find and save your parking details.

How to Use the Car Locator

  1. After parking your vehicle, open the My Disney Experience app and tap the car locator card on your home screen—or you can also use the feature menu (☰) for access.
  2. Follow the prompts to manually enter your parking information. If you enable Location Services on your device, car locator can help fill in details for you.
  3. When you’re ready to leave, return to car locator for your parking information.!

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