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Michigan's Adventure Water Park: Everything You Need to Know

In this guide we'll cover everything that Michigan's Adventure Water Park offers including the best rides, kids areas, and the best place to stay in the park.

Table of Contents

What is WildWater Adventure?

WildWater Adventure is Michigan’s largest outdoor waterpark that features 15 water slides, wave pools, a lazy river, and multiple children's play areas including splash pads.

wildwater kingdom funnel

This water park is perfect for kids and families, as the water park provides a perfect opportunity to cool down, relax and have fun.

For visitors who want to get off their feet for a bit, this water park is in a perfect location to minimize walking. All of the kid-favorite rides are positioned near the entrance, and this water park is inside of the Michigan's Adventure park (on the far left corner).

Pro Tip

WildWater Adventure has different hours than the Michigan's Adventure park, so you'll want to double check the hours in order to plan your day accordingly.

Splash Pad

One of our favorite experiences to take the kiddos to is the splash pad. It's an area full of interactive objects while water is pouring from the ground in every direction.

wildwater kingdom bucket

Additionally there's a giant bucket at the top of the splash pad that fills up with water, and lets out an alarm every time it's getting close to capsizing.

This is the guests' signal to head underneath the bucket as they are about to get completely soaked!

For adults, there are lounge chairs available all throughout the park where you'll be just close enough to keep a watchful eye on your little one, but just far enough to stay dry and relax.

Wave Pool

There are two wave pools located in this water park, one is tailored specifically to children (Commotion Ocean) and the other wave pool is for everyone else (Boogie Beach)!

Boogie Beach is a 7 ft deep wave pool, while Commotion Ocean is a 5 ft deep wave pool.

How it Works

The way that wave pools normally run are on a 5 minute on and 5 minute off cycle, meaning there will be gradually increasing wave for 5 consecutive minutes, and then no waves for 5 consecutive minutes.

Although the wave pools can be 5-7 ft deep, it doesn't mean the entire pool is that deep.

In fact, the pool begins at 0 feet and the further you walk in, it'll gradually become deeper. This allows guests to find their 'Depth comfort level' and stay in that range.

This is a neat feature as it can give parents the peace of mind for their kids to play with the tiny waves the wash up at the beginning of the wave pool.

Head to the Back of the Water Park

The back of the water park is where changing rooms, restrooms, and snacks are available. It is also much more spacious and calmer.

This is where you want to start your day, and if it ever gets too crowded for your liking in a certain area, you can always head back here.


Cabanas are available for rent for the day at an additional cost. This can be purchased directly from the Michigan's Adventure site.

wildwater adventure cabana

It's important to know that they must be purchased at least one day in advance of visit.

If you are traveling with a group of less than 9 people, it will be perfect to provide your group its own area with additional amenities.

Features Cabana
Cabana Size 10' x 10'
Number of Guests Included 8 Guests
Four Lounge Chairs
Table with Four Chairs

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Michigan's Adventure Ticket Include Water Park?

Yes - WildWater Adventure (water park) is included with all park tickets as well as season passes. You can always double check the ticket information to see what is included with admission.

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