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Michigan's Adventure Lockers | Pricing & Tips

In this page, we'll go over everything that you need to know about Michigan's Adventure lockers including where the lockers are located, how much they cost, and more.

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    Does Michigan's Adventure Have Lockers?

    Yes Michigan's Adventure does offer self-serve lockers, which are available at the entrance to the park and in the waterpark. There are three different sizes of lockers (small, medium and large), and the larger the locker the higher the price.

    Locker rentals allow for unlimited use throughout your visit each day. This means that once you've rented your locker, you can revisit your locker without an additional fee.

    Depending on how many personal items you are bringing to the park, you will want to choose your locker size accordingly. 

    How Much Are Lockers?

    Sizes and Prices

    Small Locker - $10

    If you are planning on only bringing items such as wallets, keys and phones, a small or medium locker should give you plenty of room.

    Medium Locker - $20

    If you are planning on bringing larger items such as towels, bags or purses into the park, you should plan on renting the large locker.

    Large Locker - $30

    Payment Methods

    Credit cards and cash are accepted, as of the time of this writing, debit cards are not accepted.

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