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Knott's Scary Farm Parking Guide | Discounts, Tips & Pricing

If you're heading to Knott's Scary Farm then planning ahead for where and how much you'll pay for parking will help make the experience as stress-free as possible.

Surprisingly, navigating a crowded parking structure can be one of the most difficult parts of your day at any popular theme park event, but our Knott's Scary Farm Guide is here to give you some insight in advance on what to expect.

Questions We'll Answer About Knott's Scary Farm Parking:

  • What Parking Options Are Available During Knott's Scary Farm?
  • How Much Does Parking Cost During Knott's Scary Farm?
  • Are There Any Discounts Or Deals On Parking?
  • When Does Parking Open For Knott's Scary Farm?
  • Is Bus or RV Parking Available?
  • Is Handicap Parking Available?
  • Where Is The Best Place To Park For Knott's Scary Farm?

 Three Creepy Clowns at Knott's Scary Farm

What Parking Options Are Available During Knott's Scary Farm?

Knott's Scary Farm parking is going to almost identical to what you could expect to see from Knott's Berry Farm parking during normal operating hours.

Unlike at Disneyland or Universal Studios where you have a variety of standard and premium parking options to choose from, Knott's Scary Farm has two different types of parking that only change depending on your vehicle size:

  • Standard Parking 
  • Bus/RV Parking

Knott's Parking Sign

How Much Does Parking Cost During Knott's Scary Farm?

Standard Parking is $30 for the entire event while Bus/RV Parking is $35.

If you arrive early and plan to spend some time at Knott's Berry Farm before it becomes Scary Farm, you'll still pay the fee and your parking pass will be valid for the entire day - including Scary Farm!

It's important to know that re-entry is not permitted into the parking lots for single-day parking passes or All Season Parking.

You'll want to plan accordingly if, for any reason, you need to leave the park altogether.

While this policy may be annoying, Knott's has this in place to prevent people from abusing their All Season Parking Pass and handing it off to friends or family who would like to park for free on the same day. 

Knott's Scary Farm Carnevil Actors

Are There Any Discounts Or Deals On Parking?

The best, and only, discount or deal on parking is the All Season Parking Pass.

The All Season Parking Pass can be added to a Knott's Berry Farm Season Pass and will give you unlimited parking access for $85.

With parking at Knott's Scary Farm costing $30, you'll get your money's worth out of the All Season Parking Pass after just three visits to Knott's!

1920's Ghost at Knott's Scary Farm

When Does Parking Open For Knott's Scary Farm?

Parking for Knott's Scary Farm actually begins when parking opens for normal Knott's Berry Farm operating hours.

Parking does not close and reopen for Scary Farm, so there really isn't much of a difference between regular Knott's Berry Farm parking and Knott's Scary Farm parking.

All Knott's Berry Farm parking lots open 1 hour before the park's opening time. This means that if Knott's Berry Farm is scheduled to open at 8 AM, the parking lots will open at around 7 AM.

Sometimes the parking lots will open a bit earlier or later than the 1-hour mark depending on how soon the Knott's Berry Farm staff are prepared to be letting cars onto the property. 

Driveway to Knott's Berry Farm Parking Lots

Is Bus or RV Parking Available?

RV and Bus Parking is available but costs a bit more than parking for standard vehicles at $35 per vehicle.

With RVs and buses taking up a considerable amount of more space than a standard-sized vehicle, it's understandable that Knott's charges a little extra for these vehicles. 

Is Handicap Parking Available?

Handicap Parking is available and has the same fee as Standard Parking at $30.

However, Handicap Parking is considerably closer to the entrance of Knott's Scary Farm as it is located in the Shopping & Dining Parking Lot.

Spacemen getting sucked into the abyss by a monster

Where Is The Best Place To Park For Knott's Scary Farm?

What parking lot you can actually use is going to be dependent on availability at Knott's Scary Farm and often times there is a parking attendant directing you to the parking lot you must park at. 

However, if you find yourself being able to drive onto whatever parking lot you'd like, the Grand Lot is going to be the best place to park at Knott's Berry Farm.

It's a straight shot from the Knott's Berry Farm which makes it easy to remember and is only a 5-10 minute walk to the main entrance depending on where exactly in the lot you leave your car.



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