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Can Scarers in Knott's Scary Farm Touch You? | Explained

Knott's Scary Farm is one of the most anticipated events in the park that occurs every year.

The scare zones in particular are a fan-favorite, but can the scarers in Knott's Scary Farm touch you? 

In this page, we will explain.

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Can Scarers in Knott's Scary Farm Touch You?

Scarers roaming around the Knott's Scare zones are able to yell, run, walk, make noise, and even stalk visitors.. But they are not allowed to touch any visitor. With that being said, visitors should never touch the scarers as well. Following this mutual understanding ensures the safety of both the visitors and scarers.

knotts scary farm forsaken lake

What Are Scare Zones?

Scare Zones are specific zones with much less lighting, and lots of fog, where 'monsters', aka workers dressed up in scary costumes and walk up to you when you least expect it, to give you a scare!

knotts scare zones

These zones are popular in all theme parks around Halloween season, as it's very unpredictable where these monsters will come from, leaving you in constant suspense.

Be prepared to hear screams in the scare zones!

Scare Zones only occur in certain parts of the park.

The unique aspect is that each scare zone is uniquely themed, meaning you'll notice they're very different as you walk across each zone.

Is Knott's Scary Farm Too Scary For Kids?

Knott's Scary Farm is designed for visitors ages 13 and up. For visitors who are younger than that, Knott's Spooky Farm is tailored for children ages 3-11.

Regardless of what age you are, Knott's makes it very convenient for guests to visit during Halloween as two different types of experiences are offered inside the same park.