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Free Parking at Knott's Berry Farm | Tips & Guide

Parking fees at Knott's Berry Farm and theme parks around the world are one of those annoying expenses everyone just hates to pay for, so finding ways to park for free is always a major win!

Our Free Parking at Knott's Berry Farm Guide is here to track all of the ways to potentially find free parking on your next visit to the park!

Questions We'll Answer About Free Parking at Knott's Berry Farm

  • How Can You Get Free Parking At Knott's Berry Farm?
    • Parking Validation
    • Prestige Pass
    • Off-Site Parking
    • Special Offers
Driveway with cars leading into Knott's Berry Farm Parking

    How Can You Get Free Parking At Knott's Berry Farm?

    Below are four of the most cited ways to get free parking at Knott's Berry Farm.

    Parking Validation

    The Shopping and Dining Lot at Knott's Berry Farm includes one hour of free parking.

    You can extend this to three hours of free parking with a purchase of $25 or more at restaurants and shopping locations at the California Marketplace. Three hours is a bit of time to spend at Knott's Berry Farm if you're looking to have a very quick visit for a ride or two.

    Drop Off Only Sign at Knott's Berry Farm

    However, with the exception of handicapped parking, the Shopping and Dining Lot isn't intended for you to use if you'll be visiting Knott's Berry Farm for an extended period. 

    While you might be able to get a few hours of free parking here, keep in mind that you're technically not supposed to leave your car in this lot when entering the park and we can't advocate for breaking the rules!

    We recommend playing it safe and parking in one of the regular daytime guest lots if you'll be heading into the park for any rides.

    Knott's Prestige Pass

    knotts berry farm prestige pass

    If you'll be visiting Knott's Berry Farm multiple times throughout the year then you should consider purchasing a Knott's Berry Farm Season Pass, specifically the Prestige Pass.

    Not only does the Prestige Pass give you unlimited access to Knott's Berry Farm and Soak City, but you'll also get free Preferred Parking with this pass!

    TIP: Only one person in your vehicle needs to have the Prestige Pass to get free parking. This means that if you carpool with someone who has the Prestige Pass, and you have a different pass or single-day ticket, you'll still get free parking for the day!

    Off-Site Parking

    There is off-site parking available for free at some of the surrounding malls, grocery stores, and shops near Knott's Berry Farm. 

    These parking locations are not endorsed by Theme Park Center or Knott's Berry Farm, so you'll need to park at these locations at your own risk.

    Pay attention to posted signage to determine if you can park in these areas!

    Sign With Parking Options at Knott's

    Some shops will allow you to park for an extended period if you make a purchase or eat at their restaurant, but this will vary at each location. We recommend double-checking with management before leaving your car here for multiple hours before heading into Knott's Berry Farm. 

    We recommend just parking at Knott's Berry Farm and not at any of these surrounding locations that may offer free parking because the cost of getting your car towed, or booted, is much more than the cost of just paying the Knott's parking fee!

    Special Offers

    Knott's will occasionally offer free parking deals or deeply discounted parking as part of packages or add-ons.

    One such special offer is $85 for an entire year of parking at Knott's Berry Farm as part of the "All Season Parking Pass"

    We'll update this section of the page as new offers arise! 


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