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Is Knott's Open When it Rains? | Explained

Each theme park implements unique policies to manage weather-related disruptions for visitors.

On this page, we will explain what Knott's rain policy is, and if any complimentary tickets are offered due to inclement weather.

    Is Knott's Open When it Rains?

    During light rain showers, Knott's Berry Farm's outdoor rides will remain open, however, if the rain begins to pick up and/or thunderstorms are on the horizon, those rides will temporarily close and resume operations when the weather is suitable to continue.

    lightning storm

    If the weather does not improve and/or gets worse throughout the day, the park may fully shut down for the safety of the visitors.

    Does Knott's Offer a Refund if it Rains?

    Knott's does not offer refunds for visitors if the park is closed due to severe weather, however, Knott's may allow you to use your unused ticket to return to the park at a later date.

    knotts rain policy

    You'll want to ensure that you check the weather before purchasing your ticket, and ensure you avoid the rainy season. 'On average January and February have the most rain throughout the year.

    Knott's Berry Farm is subject to closures in full or in part due to inclement weather and offers no refunds due to weather closures.

    Prepare for the Rain Before Your Visit

    Our Go-to Poncho Choice

    Ponchos in particular are very cheap and very worth it.

    This unisex, lightweight reusable poncho has worked wonders over the years at dozens of theme parks.

    Our Umbrella Choice

    The most reliable umbrella that we've used over the years has been the Repel Umbrella.

    Some of our favorite features from this umbrella include:

    • Wind Resistant - Won't Bend or Fold During High Winds
    • Portable - Easy to Put Away After Use
    • 1 Button - to Open and Close
    • Non Slip Grip - Easy to Hold During Severe Storms
    • Unisex - Can Be Used For Both Men and Women 

    Many visitors are prepared for the rain when they come to the parks, but they forget about the wind.

    Don't overlook the fact that there will be plenty of wind if there's rain.

    Consider Turning On iPhone Rain Notifications

    If you're visiting a theme park, especially on a day when there's a chance of rain, you'll want to enable rain notifications.

    iphone weather app rain notifications

    We use this at almost every theme park that we visit, and it notifies us ahead of time when the rain is approaching, or when the rain is clearing up.

    When we receive the notification that the rain is approaching, it gives us plenty of time to seek shelter or find an indoor ride.

    incoming rain weather notification

    When we receive the notification that the rain is clearing up, we know that we can start heading over to rides very soon.

    This small feature gives us a 'leg up' on everyone else in the park, as we're able to know what's going to happen a few minutes before everyone else.

    The reason that a poncho is better than an umbrella at a theme park is that it's very lightweight and can fit virtually anywhere when it is folded up.

    If you bring an umbrella, you may need to store it in lockers throughout your day. You can purchase ponchos on Amazon ahead of time, or at the park.

    The Knott's app is extremely handy as it provides live wait times, an interactive map of the park, allows you to pre-order food, and even saves your car's location in the app.


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