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Is The Monorail Running At Magic Kingdom? | Status & Downtime Explained

The monorail to and from Magic Kingdom typically runs everyday of the year as it's the most popular form of transportation into the theme park!

But like any form of transportation there are unexpected closures and planned maintenance which may disrupt the monorail's normally scheduled operations.

In this guide we'll detail if the monorail is currently operating, if any scheduled maintenance is upcoming as well as what conditions may cause the monorail to unexpectedly close.

Questions We'll Answer About The Monorail at Magic Kingdom:

  • Is There Any Schedule Maintenance On The Monorail?
  • Is The Monorail Running At Magic Kingdom?
  • Why Does The Monorail Close?
Monorail approaching Contemporary Hotel from Magic Kingdom

Is There Any Scheduled Maintenance On The Monorail At Magic Kingdom?

On occasion Disney will close certain monorail routes for routine maintenance. 

This maintenance includes upkeep on the monorail track as well as upkeep and upgrades to the actual monorail trains themselves. 

Often this maintenance is needed to reupholster the interior cabins due to normal wear and tear, replace tires (yes, the monorail has tires), a repaint and any small mechanical replacements. 

Monorail Sign to Magic Kingdom and Ticket Transportation Center


There is currently no maintenance scheduled on the monorail route to Magic Kingdom, so you should have no issues getting to the park via monorail unless there is an unexpected closure. 

Most of the monorail trains are worked on after operating hours which prevents any sort of maintenance work from closing the monorail route to Magic Kingdom. 

There are times though where the actual track will need maintenance work which may close the entire monorail route to Magic Kingdom, but keep in mind there are actually two different monorail tracks that lead into the park. 



The chance of both monorail tracks being refreshed at the same time is unlikely, so more often than not you should expect to find the monorail route to Magic Kingdom open. 

Is The Monorail Running At Magic Kingdom?

Yes, the monorail is currently running at Magic Kingdom! 

No closures are currently planned, so you should be able to ride the monorail to Magic Kingdom without many issues. 

Bus transportation at Walt Disney World
Additional busses are used when the monorail closes

If there are any unexpected closures due to an unforeseen mechanical issue or a weather related issue then Disney will be sure to let you know as you approach the monorail stations.

Alternative transportation such as bus or ferry boat will be offered if the monorail has unexpectedly closed. 

Why Does The Monorail Close? 

The monorail only closes for a few reasons: end of parking operating hours, weather, maintenance and mechanical issues. 

The monorail at Magic Kingdom typically stops operating about 2 hours after the park closes.

This allows guests to shop, eat and still have time to get on the monorail back to their car or hotel. 

If the monorail is currently closed then it's likely for an unplanned reason like bad weather or a mechanical issues as mentioned earlier. 

Very bad weather will only temporarily close the monorail. Typically very high winds and heavy lightning will cause the monorail to cease operations until the weather improves.

Rain typically does not close the monorail as they were built to withstand the frequent Florida rainstorms. 


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