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Country Music Hall of Fame: Everything You Need to Know

Along with being home to two sports teams (Tennessee Titans & Nashville Predators), delicious food, and rooftop bars, Nashville is also home to the ultra-popular Country Music Hall of Fame.

In this article, we will go over everything that you need to know prior to going to the Country Music Hall of Fame, including what to expect during the tour, what you can't miss, and if the tour is worth it.

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What is the Country Music Hall of Fame Tour?

The Country Music Hall of Fame tour is a self-guided, three floor tour, that features records and memorabilia that the most successful country stars in history have used, worn or created.

country music hall of fame tour guitars

It's the perfect place for older visitors to reminisce, and for the younger generation to be introduced to the legends of country music.

In fact, during this tour you'll see many families together for this exact reason.

This tour does a great job explaining the story of each hall of famer, in order for visitors to truly understand their accomplishments & stories, as well as how they stack up against their peers.

Is the Country Music Hall of Fame Tour Worth it?

The Country Music Hall of Fame Tour is absolutely worth it.

The great part about this tour is that you don't need to be a country music fanatic in order to have a great experience.

This tour does a great job catering to all ages, as visitors will find stories and concert-worn outfits of famous icons such as Elvis Presley, Martina McBride and even Taylor Swift.

country music hall of fame tour display

Additionally, it is a very spacious facility which allows visitors to skip ahead of the busier areas, and return to them later on in the day.

This is a very underrated perk in a self guided tour, as it can get quite busy during the summertime, but due to how large the facility is, it's very easy to walk around without needing to wait in long lines.

What to Expect in the Tour

Beginning of the Tour

After you purchase your ticket on the first floor, you'll be directed towards a waiting area in front of the elevator.

Pro Tip - If you need to use the restroom, now's the best time to do it, as they're located to the left of the elevator.

Once it's your turn to go up, the elevator doors will open and you'll be directed at how to navigate the tour, which we'll cover in the next section.

Tour Layout

The tour layout begins on the third floor, and then you'll make your way down.

Although this building has three floors, the third and second floor are the main tour areas, as the first floor is the admission area.

country music hall of fame tour third tour

Favorite Parts of the Third Floor

After walking out of the elevator you'll immediately be immersed in music, as there are posters on the walls across from you, TVs playing music on the walls next to you, as well as half a dozen rooms that you can walk into.

Concert Display

As you walk around you'll then begin to see not only the outfit that these musicians wore to their concert, but the instrument they played, and even the poster that was used for that event.

You can see this done below with Bill Anderson & Elvis Presley.

bill anderson outfit

bill anderson concert outfit

elvis presley outfit

Webb Pierce's Famous Car

Webb Pierce had one of the most unique cars ever built.

webb pierce car

From it's massive width that seemingly takes up most of the floor-area, to the unique interior look, to even how you would go about opening the car handle, it's a one-of-a-kind vehicle.

webb pierce front of car

Favorite Parts of the Second Floor

The Record Label wall is hands down the best part of the entire second floor.

As you are walking down the spiral staircase from the third floor to the second, you'll see dozens of them plastered against the wall.

record wall country music hall of fame

These records show the artist, song name, and relevant dates.

Once you've made it on the second floor, you'll continue to see all of these records, and you can even walk up closely and read each one.

record wall country music hall of fame

What the First Floor Offers

  • Admission Tickets
  • Restroom
  • Gift Shops - Circa the Museum Store
  • Food - Bajo Sexto Taco

How Long Does it Take to Do the Country Music Hall of Fame?

It's a self-guided tour which means that you're able to travel at your own pace.

It took us about an hour to complete the entire tour by walking around at laid back pace.

However, there are so many details in each area, that we could have easily spent 2-3 hours if we decided to read the story of each artist

How Much Does it Cost for the Country Music Hall of Fame?

There are two types of admission tickets, for kids, and for adults.

Both ticket prices can vary in pricing throughout the year, but on average:

  • Adult tickets average around $25
  • Kid tickets average around $18

You can purchase discounted Country Music Hall of Fame tickets with us, as we are an Authorized Theme Park Ticket seller.

Are Food and Drinks Allowed Inside?

Food and drinks are not allowed inside, however visitors are able to take a water bottle inside the tour.

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