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Is Percy Warner Park Worth Visiting? | Best Things To Do!

Percy Warner Park is one of the largest and most well known parks in the city of Nashville. Percy Warner Park, along with the adjoined Edwin Warner Park span over 3,100 acres which can't be covered in one single day!

Our guide will outline the best things to do at Percy Warner Park along with some tips to make the most of your visit.

Topics We'll Cover On Percy Warner Park:

  • Belle Meade Stairs
  • Percy Warner Mountain Bike Trail
  • Belivns Japanese Garden
  • Burch Reserve Trailhead
  • Is Percy Warner Park Worth Visiting?
  • Frequently Asked Questions


Paved Trail at Percy Warner Park during the fall.

Belle Meade Stairs

The Belle Meade Stairs are probably the most iconic and popular areas of Percy Warner Park. 

These stone steps mark the entrance of Percy Warner Park and are often use to jump start or intensify a workout.

With over 50 large, stone steps at a moderate incline, the Belle Meade Stairs will have your heart racing after just a couple runs up and down. 

Of course there is plenty of room to leisurely stroll up the Belle Meade Stairs as well if you're looking for a more relaxing climb while enjoying nature. The stairs are very wide, so those looking to take their time will have plenty of room to allow those climbing at a faster pace to pass by.   

Percy Warner Mountain Bike Trail

For thriller seekers and mountain biking enthusiast the Percy Warner Mountain bike trail is a can't miss trail. 

We don't recommend this trail for everyone as it gets quite steep in certain sections with bumps, fast declines and wooden ramps! 

Words and photos don't do the Percy Warner Mountain Bike Trail justice, so we suggest checking out the video below to see just how thrilling this trail can be.

Belvins Japanese Garden

Belvins Japanese Garden is technically part of the Cheeckwood Estate which is located just on the edge of  Percy Warner Park. While it is a separate area from Percy Warner Park the two areas share parking lots and are accessible to each other via trails and roadways within the park.

Belvins Japanese Garden was originally established in 1977 and has since been renovated and revitalized a handful of times.

This beautiful Japanese Garden shares influences and features from authentic gardens in Japan.

Belvins has actually been redisgned and curated by some of the most renowned  landscape architects in the world including Sadafumi Uchiyama who is Chief Curator and Director of the International Japanese Garden Training Center at Portland Japanese Garden.

If you’re looking to explore a tranquil garden featuring a bamboo forest, dry bodies of water (racked gravel and strone structures), and other flora and fauna then Belvins Japanese Garden is worth a stop during your trip to Percy Warner Park.

Burch Reserve Trailhead

The Burch Reserve is a protected natural area within Percy Warner Park.

This means certain recreational activities like biking and trail running are restricted despite being allowed through most of Percy Warner Park.

A leisurely walk and animal watching are the activities Burch Reserve is intended for and the natural beauty of the area is incredible. If you’re looking for a relaxing place to kickoff a long walk at Percy Warner Park then the Burch Reserve Trailhead is the perfect place to do so.

Two miles of towering trees, beautiful fields, ponds and winding paths await you at the Burch Reserve Trail! 

NOTE: While dogs are allowed in almost all areas of Percy Warner Park, they are not allowed in the Burch Reserve.

The Burch Reserve Trail is intentionally designed to feel more rural and wild to maintain a primitive feel and encourage the surrounding natural elements to thrive. Keep this in mind as some areas of the trail might feel very narrow or unkept, but this all by design!

Remember to stay on the trail at all times and follow all safety instructions and signage.

Is Percy Warner Park Worth Visiting?

Percy Warner Park is a beautiful location in Nashville with plenty to do, so we find it to be absolutely worth visiting.

Whether you're looking for a relaxing stroll, a mountain bike adventure, stair climbing or a multiple hours long hike, Percy Warner Park has something for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Percy Warner Park Free?

Yes! Percy Warner Park is 100% free.

Where Do You Park At Percy Warner Park?

There are three main parking areas at Percy Warner Park. 

The main Percy Warner Park parking lot off of Forrest Park Drive, a secondary parking lot off of Forrest Park Drive near the Belvins Japanese Garden and street parking/small lot along Belle Meade Boulevard near the Belle Meade Stairs.

There are a few other parking areas at Percy Warner Park, but these three locations are some of the most popular and accessible to major points of interest.

Are Dogs Allowed At Percy Warner Park?

Dogs are allowed in all areas of Percy Warner Park except for the Burch Reserve. 



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