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What is Boo at the Zoo Nashville? | Guide & Tips

As the Halloween season gets closer you may have heard about a growing and popular event at the Nashville Zoo called "Boo at the Zoo". 

Information on Boo at the Zoo is hard to find and the name Boo at the Zoo doesn't really explain all the event has to offer, but our guide is here to explain just what Boo at the Zoo is and if it's worth a visit!

Questions We'll Answer About Boo At The Zoo In Nashville:

  • Boo at the Zoo Nashville Explained!
  • How much does Boo at the Zoo cost?
  • Is there Trick or Treating during Boo at the Zoo?
  • Do you wear costumes to Boo at the Zoo?
  • Is Boo at the Zoo scary?
  • Is Boo at the Zoo worth it?

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              Boo at the Zoo Nashville Explained!

              Boo at the Zoo is an after-hours event that takes place at the Nashville Zoo after the zoo closes on select nights throughout October. The event is full of Halloween festivities, candy, and of course animals!

              Many of the experiences that occur during Boo at the Zoo are not available during normal zoo hours, so you'll have to purchase a separate ticket if you want to experience everything Boo at the Zoo has to offer.

              Below we've listed some of the special experiences you can expect to find when visiting Boo at the Zoo in Nashville! 

              Trick-or-Treating: There can't be Halloween without trick-or-treating and Boo at the Zoo has lots of candy to offer! 

              With multiple trick-or-treat stations set up throughout the event, you're getting a bonus Halloween night when attending Boo at the Zoo! 

              This is also a great opportunity for kids to go trick-or-treating in a controlled environment on Halloween if you aren't comfortable having them walk around at night to strangers' houses. 

              Boo at the Zoo Nashville Hayride: Boo at the Zoo has a fun hayride that takes you through multiple themed scenes while being pulled on a horse-drawn carriage. 

              Scenes from previous years include an "under the sea" area as well as a small forest illuminated with projections and string lights.


              Scary-Go-Round: The "Scary-Go-Round" is a bit of fun Halloween theming added to the everyday merry-go-round.

              The Scary-Go-Round plays spooky Halloween music paired with flashing lights and periods of darkness. Despite being referred to as "scary" this is actually a very family friendly attraction!

              Pumpkin Patch: Boo at the Zoo has gathered together dozens of jack-o'-lantern illuminated for a great photo opportunity. This huge collection jack-o'-lanterns make for a fun background for a family Halloween photo or just some inspiration for the next time you carve a pumpkin!

              Halloween Dance Floor: Playing your favorite family friendly Halloween and Top 40 hits is the Boo at the Zoo DJ. This is a fun little area for kids and families to do some dancing.

              Animal Encounters: And of course there are still lots of opportunities to get up close and personal with different animals at the zoo.

              While some animal exhibits that are open during normal operating hours may not be available during Boo at the Zoo you can still expect to see a variety of animals.

              How Much Does Boo At The Zoo Cost?

              Boo at the Zoo pricing is split between weekdays and weekends.

              Tuesday - Thursday: $18 for all ages 2+

              Fridays - Sundays: $20 for all ages 2+

              Boo at the Zoo does not operate on Mondays and infants under the age of two can enter for free.

              TIP: Buy your Boo at the Zoo tickets in advance online! Popular dates tend to sell out a few days in advance.

              Is There Trick or Treating During Boo At The Zoo?

              Yes! There are numerous trick-or-treat stations throughout Boo at the Zoo Nashville!

              In previous years there have been between 8-10 different areas for kids to collect candy all located in various sections of the zoo. 

              Is Boo at the Zoo Scary?

              Boo at the Zoo Nashville is not scary at all! 

              The event is designed specifically with families and children in mind, so the scariest thing you might see all night are the alligators who live at the zoo! 

              Do You Wear Costumes To Boo At The Zoo?

              Absolutely! Not only is costume wearing allowed it is definitely encouraged.

              Kids should come wearing the Halloween costumes especially if they plan to participate in the trick-or-treat stations though out the zoo. Boo at the Zoo can double almost as extra night of Halloween!

              Is Boo At The Zoo Worth It?

              We find Boo at the Zoo Nashville to be absolutely worth the price!

              For only a small difference in price compared to a normal park ticket, Boo at the Zoo is a fun way to spend a night in Nashville not only celebrating Halloween in a fun, family friendly environment, but also an opportunity to see some of the animals that call the Nashville Zoo home!



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