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Is Rush My Passport Legitimate? | 2024 Review & Tips

If you're in need of getting a passport expedited then Rush My Passport is a service you likely stumbled upon and have questions about its legitimacy.

We're here to give you the breakdown on Rush My Passport and if it's a service you can trust!

Questions We'll Answer About Rush MyPassport:

  • Is Rush My Passport Legitimate?
  • Is Rush My Passport Worth It?
  • How To Save Money On Rush My Passport (Coupons & Deals)

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Is Rush My Passport Legitimate?

Rush My Passport is a legitimate company, but you should know what you're paying for and how to make the most of the service. 

If you're concerned about RushMyPassport being a scam, then it might be reassuring to know that the company has partnered with a few recognizable and reputable companies such as FedEx and AAA.

However, your experience with Rush My Passport will vary depending on how you utilize the service and it's important to manage your expectations before paying for their services.

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Rush My Passport makes expediting the passport application and renewal process easier by removing most of the guesswork someone unfamiliar with the process might have. They're largely courier service that will get your passport into the proper hands for review quicker than many of as can do ourselves.

If you're in a bind and need your passport fast, and are unfamiliar with how to expedite your passport application or renewal yourself, then Rush My Passport is likely going to be a good resource.

It's important to note that you can do many of the services Rush My Passport provides by yourself, but you'll be responsible for ensuring it's done correctly and getting it to the right place.

Many of the steps and processes you need to take to apply for a passport or renewal will be nearly the same whether or not you use Rush My Passport, but you'll get guidance and help with the process going through Rush My Passport. 

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Is Rush My Passport Worth It?

Rush My Passport is often going to be worth the money if you need expedited passport approval or renewal (as fast as a 1-week turnaround depending on what service you select vs 11 weeks without expedited) and want to be sure you'll get all of the steps done right. 

Remember, it's possible to get expedited passport service without Rush My Passport, but if you make a mistake or have any questions you're going to be on your own.

You'll also need to be sure you can get your passport into the right hands for approval by yourself (which isn't hard, but often requires a trip to a government office), which Rush My Passport can do for you.

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Rush My Passport is going to give you a better opportunity to get your passport into the right hands quickly and assist you with any questions you have during the process.

One mistake on your application during the process can potentially cause your application to be denied or take longer than expected.

You'll of course be paying extra for their services and help and it'll be up to you to decide what this service and peace of mind are valued at.

If you don't need expedited passport services or are confident you can request an expedited application process on your own, then you might not find the same value in RushMyPassport.  

How To Save Money On Rush My Passport (Coupons & Deals)!

The best offers from Rush My Passport can typically be found right on their application page.

If you don't see any offers on the page above, then they likely aren't running any coupons or deals for their services. 

If any discount codes or coupons become available for Rush My Passport we'll be sure to add them here!



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