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Rush My Passport: Our Guide, Review & Tips

Getting a passport on short notice is extremely stressful, especially with the worry of missing an exciting vacation in the back of your mind - luckily, services like Rush My Passport might be able to help. 

Our Rush My Passport Guide will break down some key information on their services, as well as our take on if Rush My Passport is worth the money. 

Questions We'll Answer About Rush My Passport:

  • How Does Rush My Passport Work?
  • How Long Does Rush My Passport Take?
  • When Should You Use Rush My Passport?
  • Is Rush My Passport Legit?
  • Do We Recommend Rush My Passport?
  • Rush My Passport Discounts & Deals!


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How Does Rush My Passport Work?

Rush My Passport is a professional service to help get your passport into the right hands and processed as quickly as possible. 

Currently, Rush My Passport offers services that should get your passport processed as quickly as one week as well as a 2-week, 6-8 week, and 10-week option. 

Rush My Passport is a way to help get your passport taken care of promptly and minimize the risk of any mistakes on your application or anywhere throughout the passport process.

Rush My Passport delivers your passport application to the nearest passport agency for the quickest turnaround time possible. This saves you a trip to the passport agency (which could be a lengthy trip depending on where you live) or other alternatives where the passport processing time may be too slow for your upcoming trip. 

If you have a lot of time before your trip overseas or have easy access to a passport agency and don't need to wait around for an appointment, then you might not see the value in Rush My Passport.

But, if you need a service that can swiftly get your passport to the right place for quick approval, as well as minimize the risk of mistakes on your passport, then Rush My Passport might be worth the additional expense. 

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How Long Does Rush My Passport Take?

Rush My Passport currently has four levels of service available:

  • Emergency: 1 week
  • Priority: 2 week
  • Expedited: 6-8 weeks
  • Smart: 10 weeks

You can review the latest pricing and any changes in processing times on the Service Options page on the Rush My Passport website.

At the time of this writing, Same Day processing has been put on pause likely because the demand for passport renewals and new applications has been massive. 

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When Should You Use Rush My Passport?

Rush My Passport is a good service to help you through the passport application or renewal process with a speedy turnaround, but it isn't always for everyone. 

Expedited Service for renewals (6-8 week turnaround) is something you can do at home if you're confident enough in filling out the proper application on your own and making sure the application is handled properly through the mail service (this means possible paying for certified mail, overnight, etc.). 

Rush My Passport can help make sure your application is filled out correctly and will help get it to the right hands and processed swiftly.

Where things might get a bit more tricky is if you need your passport in less than two months. 

You'll likely need to call the United States Department of State (which oversees all passport processing) to help make an appointment at a Passport Agency center to get you a passport on short notice.

However, you may need an appointment and be able to travel to the Passport Agency, which could take days or weeks depending on what appointments are available and how far away your nearest agency is. 

Rush My Passport doesn't require any appointments and can get your passport processed in less than two weeks in some cases. If you're willing to spend the money, Rush My Passport can certainly save you some time and headache.

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Is Rush My Passport Legit?

Rush My Passport is a legitimate company, but its services may not be valuable for everyone.

If you're concerned about RushMyPassport being a scam, then it might be reassuring to know that the company has partnered with a few recognizable and reputable companies such as FedEx and AAA.

Some of Rush My Passport's negative reputation comes from those not knowing that many of their services can be done on your own if you have the time and expertise (e.g. making an appointment at a passport agency, driving to your local agency, filling out all applications correctly). 

Do We Recommend Rush My Passport?

In most cases where you need your passport processed or renewed on a quick timeline, we'd recommend using Rush My Passport. 

While many of their services can certainly be done on your own, we like the peace of mind of having an expert service handle everything for us who has helped process countless passports. 

If you don't need your passport for 12+ weeks, then we'd probably say to skip Rush My Passport, but for most other situations we'd likely use Rush My Passport. 

Rush My Passport Discounts & Deals!

The best offers from Rush My Passport can typically be found right on their application page. 

If you don't see any discounts or coupon codes listed on their application page, then there likely aren't any special offers currently available.

Passports have been in high demand the last couple of years, especially on short notice, so Rush My Passport hasn't been offering many discounts, but it's still work checking!



Is Rush My Passport Legit?