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Is the Allegiant Stadium Air Conditioned? | Easily Explained

Allegiant Stadium is one of the newest and most impressive stadiums in the world.

In this page, we will explain if the Allegiant Stadium is air conditioned, and whether or not it has a retractable roof.

Is the Allegiant Stadium Air Conditioned?

The Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas is an air-conditioned arena, as it is a fully enclosed, climate-controlled dome.

allegiant stadium air conditioned

This provides visitors with a perfect opportunity to get away from the famous Las Vegas desert heat, and enjoy the event at a perfect temperature.

This stadium not only offers air conditioning, but also provides heating, air purification, ventilation, and integrated controls.

In fact, when we visited most recently the temperatures in Las Vegas were in the 30's and windy, which made it feel much colder.

However, when we entered the stadium, the heat was on at the perfect temperature where we didn't feel cold or hot throughout our visit.

Does the Allegiant Stadium Have a Retractable Roof?

The Allegiant Stadium does not have a retractable roof, as it is a fully-enclosed dome.

allegiant stadium no retractable roof

However, the stadium was specifically designed to give visitors an outdoor-feel inside of the stadium.

This is accomplished by the combination of  using an ETFE Roofing System that creates a translucent roof, and the massive 80 ft x 215 ft lanai doors that slide open.

This allows fan to experience an unobstructed view of the Las Vegas strip, while allowing plenty of natural sunlight inside of the stadium.

However, the stadium is strategically designed to allow enough sunlight to feel like it's outdoors, without fans having to deal with the blinding sun that typically comes with outdoor stadiums.

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