Allegiant Stadium's Pedestrian Bridge: Everything You Need to Know

If you're visiting Allegiant Stadium for the first time, you should be aware of the massive bridge that's closed off only to pedestrians.

In this page, we will explain everything that you need to know about Allegiant Stadium's pedestrian bridge.

What is Allegiant Stadium's Pedestrian Bridge?

The Hacienda Bridge is the walkway that connects visitors from Las Vegas Boulevard all the way to Allegiant Stadium.

allegiant stadium hacienda bridge

Las Vegas Boulevard is where some of the closest hotels to the stadium are, most notably Delano Las Vegas & Mandalay Bay.

The Hacienda Bridge will be completely closed off to all vehicles, only allowing foot traffic.

This provides visitors with a very easy, fast, and accessible way to walk to the stadium, and walk back.

This is exactly why the Hacienda Bridge is commonly referred to as the 'Pedestrian Bridge' in Vegas.

Best Way to Enter & Leave Allegiant Stadium

If you're not parking at Allegiant Stadium, the best way to enter & leave the stadium is through the Hacienda Bridge.


The walk is about a 15 minute walk in total.

Typically we will use a ride sharing service to drop us off at Delano, and then we will walk directly to the Hacienda Bridge.

hacienda bridge to allegiant stadium

This walkway from the Delano Las Vegas hotel will connect you directly to the stadium, near the North Entrance.

allegiant stadium north entrance

The Hacienda Bridge will take you over highway traffic, and will provide you with a scenic view of the stadium, tailgates around the stadium, and all of the visitors heading to the event.

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