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Does Allegiant Stadium Have Real Grass or Turf? | Explained

Allegiant Stadium is one of the newest and most impressive stadiums in the world.

In this page, we will explain what playing surfaces Allegiant Stadium uses, and how they're able to pull it off year-round.

Does Allegiant Stadium Have Real Grass?

Allegiant Stadium has both real grass and artificial turf as playing surface options.

The Las Vegas Raiders prefer playing on real grass, while the UNLV Rebels prefer playing on turf. 

allegiant stadium real grass

The developers of the stadium were able to accomplish this by making two separate, yet retractable fields.

The stadium uses a roll-in grass field, similar to Glendale's State Farm Stadium.

Retractable Field in the Allegiant Stadium

Underneath the stadium, there's a 4-foot-deep tray that weighs 9,500 tons.

On the day that one of the fields needs to be used, this tray is transported by 13 train rails that are actually powered using 72 electric motors.

This is also the same way that the field is moved outside of the stadium when the real grass field needs to be maintained.

This retractable system allows both fields to be used and allows the natural grass field to be moved outside to receive natural sunlight and water.

grass field allegiant stadium

Fields Use Their Own Maintenance System

Although the natural grass field can receive water naturally when it is moved outside, it would be foolish to only rely on that in a desert environment.

For this reason, the field also has its own irrigation and drainage system, which are the main reasons why the field can be kept in pristine condition.

Why Do Some Teams Prefer Grass Fields?

Over the last few years, there have been many players who have voiced their support for grass fields over turf fields.

The reason for this mainly comes down to injuries, as many professional players have been injured on turf fields.

Turf fields are generally much harder on the body to land on, and also very easy to get turf burn from.

Although grass fields are more favored by players, they're also more difficult to maintain throughout an entire season of use along with the different weather changes.

However, Allegiant Stadium is one of the few stadiums in the world that has been able to solve this issue with a fully functioning retractable field.

allegiant stadium real grass

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