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All Day Dining at Busch Gardens: All You Need to Know

All Day Dining is one of the most popular add-on options at Busch Gardens, but is it worth it?

In this page, we will explain what exactly All Day Dining includes, if it's worth purchasing as well as some ways to save money on the All Day Dining Pass and admission tickets.

    What is All Day Dining at Busch Gardens?

    All Day Dining is an additional purchase that allows visitors to pay a one-time fee, to then be eligible to eat food at select restaurants at the park for the entire day.

    all day dining busch gardens

    After purchase, visitors will receive an All Day Dining wristband that will signify to the staff that they have access to All Day Dining Meals.

    Visitors will be able to eat one meal every 90 minutes at participating restaurants.

    This means that after you've gone through the line and received your food, you'll have to wait 90 minutes before being able to grab your next plate. 

    zambia smokehouse busch gardens

    Most restaurants that do participate in All Day Dining will have the Dining sign and menu placed outside (as you can see above on the left-hand side).

    Adult vs Children All-Day Dining Plan

    It's important to know that the Adult and Child All Day Dining plans are different, as they offer different options in varying sizes.

    Adult Dining Plan Options

    all day dining process at busch gardens
    • At both Busch Gardens parks, this meal includes one entrée, one side item (or dessert), and one (non-alcoholic) beverage.

    FYI - the beverage can be any soft drink or a Dasani water bottle.

    Children's Dining Plan Options

    The Kid's All Day Dining Plan slightly varies at each Busch Gardens location, as the Williamsburg location offers a bit more in addition to the meal.

    busch gardens williamsburg kids all day dining

    Participating Locations For the Dining Plan at Busch Gardens Tampa

    zagora cafe
    • Zagora Café
    • Oasis Pizza at Serengeti Overlook
    • Dragon Fire Grill
    • Zambia Smokehouse
    • Chick-fil-A
    chic fil a busch gardens

    Participating Locations For the Dining Plan at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

    • Das Festhaus
    • Marco Polo's Marketplace
    • Squire's Grille
    • Trappers Smokehouse
    • Les Frites
    • German Pretzels and Beer

    Is All Day Dining Worth it?

    If you're spending more than 5-6 hours at Busch Gardens, and you're planning on grabbing a quick bite to eat while you're there, the All Day Dining plan is absolutely worth it.

    busch gardens entrance sign

    Although the All Day Dining Deal makes it easy for visitors to get food quickly while at the park, not all restaurants participate in the Dining Plan.

    This means that it'll take some additional planning ahead of time, to figure out which rides you'd like to ride around the time that you anticipate getting hungry, that is close to participating restaurants.

    busch gardens rides

    When Only Visiting the Park For a Short Amount of Time

    If you're only planning to be at the park for a few hours, the All Day Dining plan may not be worth it to you.

    The reason is due to the 90-minute wait.

    If you are only going to be at the park for 2 hours, you'll only be getting 2 meals at maximum, which may not be worth the cost.

    Where to Purchase an All-Day Dining Pass

    You can purchase an All Day Dining Pass directly from the Busch Gardens website.

    You can also find discounts and deals on All Day Dining as well as Busch Gardens tickets here at Theme Park Center!


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