Busch Gardens Rain Policy | Easily Explained

When you're visiting a theme park, rain is one of the few things that you can't control, that can still impact your experience.

In this page, we will go over what Busch Garden's rain policy is.

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What Happens If It Rain in Busch Gardens Tampa?

If rain negatively impacts your visit at Busch Gardens in Tampa, you will be eligible to receive a complimentary visit to the park that must be used within 1 year of your visit. In order to receive your complimentary ticket, visit Guest Services.

lightning and rain

Guest Services is located inside of the park on the left hand side, right next to the entrance.

Guest Services Discretion

One thing that you should be aware of is that the complimentary ticket is at the discretion of Guest Services.

This means that if on a day that you are visiting, it rains for a few minutes, which forces the rides to pause, only for the rides to resume minutes afterwards.. Guest Services may not provide you with a complimentary ticket, as they would on a day where it was raining and lightning for long periods of time causing rides to shut down.

Additionally, the 'Rainy day guarantee' can only be used by guests with a Single-Day ticket or Multi-Day ticket

Are Add-On's Included?

Add-On's such as parking, Quick Queue, lockers, all-day dining deals & other upgrades will not be included in the 2nd visit (complimentary). 

If you arrive to the park, pay for parking and your visit is cut short due to rain/inclement weather, and you receive a complimentary ticket.. You will have to pay for parking again when you return for your second visit.


Be Prepared For Rain

If you're visiting any theme park in Florida, it's always a good idea to be prepared for the rain by bringing a poncho, an umbrella and/or a spare change of clothes.

Florida is notorious for having a severe thunderstorm at one minute, and 10 minutes, later the sun is back out and the storms are gone.

Nothing cuts a theme park experience short like having wet clothes, socks and shoes that won't dry. Learn from our mistakes and be prepared!