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Busch Gardens Fun Card Pass: Everything You Need to Know

A Fun Card pass is one of the most underrated passes at the Busch Gardens parks.

In this page, we will explain what a Busch Gardens Fun Card pass is, what benefits it has, how it's different from an Annual Pass, and when you should purchase it.

What is a Busch Gardens Fun Card Pass?

A Busch Gardens Fun Card pass allows unlimited visits for the current year to Busch Gardens and the associated water park, at one price.

busch gardens fun card pass

For Busch Gardens Tampa this means Adventure Island, and for Busch Gardens Williamsburg this means Water Country USA.

The Fun Card pass essentially works as a Season Pass, rather than the traditional Busch Gardens Annual Pass.

It's important to know that these passes also have blockout dates, which means that you aren't able to visit on any day of the year.

There is also an option to purchase a Fun Card pass strictly for the Busch Gardens park (no water park), at a lower cost.

busch gardens fun pass options

Fun Card Pass vs Annual Pass Differences

An Annual pass is a little different than a Fun Card pass, as it will last you exactly 12 months from the day you purchased, regardless of the season.

So this means if you purchased an annual pass on July 7th, it will last you through July 7th of the next year, not just until the end of the current year.

A Fun Card pass typically expires at the end of the year, however if you purchase the pass late in the year, Busch Gardens may at times extend it through the next year.

This is something that isn't guaranteed and can change, so you'll want to double check their site.

Differences of Benefits

Additionally, Annual Passes have dozens of benefits (depending on the type of pass) including free parking, free guest tickets and discounted Howl-O-Scream tickets.

Fun Card passes on the other hand, have no other benefit besides being able to have unlimited visits to the parks for the year.

Difference in Pricing

A Fun Card pass is more expensive than a Single day ticket, but cheaper than the Bronze Annual pass.

bronze pass member

When Should I Purchase a Fun Card Pass?

If you're planning on visiting the Busch Gardens park at least twice in the same year, a Fun Card Pass will pay for itself in under 2 visits.

If you're only interested in making the commitment for the current year, and don't know if you'll be able to attend the next year, it will make more sense to get a Fun Card pass rather than an Annual pass.

If you don't care about paying a bit more money for perks such as free parking, discounted tickets and guest tickets, and simply just want to visit the park. 

Where to Purchase a Busch Gardens Fun Card Pass

You can purchase a Fun Pass directly from the Busch Gardens site.

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