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Best Way To Get To Islands Of Adventure From Universal Studios | Explained

There are actually multiple great ways to get from Universal Studios to Islands of Adventure!

Which way is best is actually dependent on where you'd like to arrive at Islands of Adventure (either the front entrance, or middle of the park) as well as what time constraints you're on!

In this guide, we detail the best ways to get to Islands of Adventure from Universal Studios based on your individual needs. 

Best Ways To Get To Islands of Adventure From Universal Studios:

  • Hogwarts Express From Universal Studios to Islands of Adventure
  • Walking Path From Universal Studios to Islands of Adventure

Hogwarts Express From Universal Studios to Islands of Adventure

If you're towards the back half of Universal Studios (Diagon Alley, San Francisco, Krustyland) then taking the Hogwarts Express from Universal Studios to Islands of Adventure is definitely worth considering. 

The caveat to taking the Hogwarts Express is that it will likely take significantly more time than walking due to wait time for the attraction as well as the ride time itself. 

Kings Cross Train Station at Universal Studios Florida

The Hogwarts Express at Universal Studios often sees wait times between 20 - 60 minutes, so keep this in mind if you're looking to get over to Islands of Adventure in a shorter period of time. 

The ride itself adds another 10 minutes of travel time. 

However, you will spend almost the entirety of this wait time in air conditioning which can be a nice break from the hot Florida sun while trying to travel between Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. 

You'll also get dropped off at Hogsmeade Station at Islands of Adventure, so depending on where you were hoping to go once arriving at Islands of Adventure this drop off location can either be convenient or a hassle. 

Hogwarts Express Train

If you're looking to ride the Hogwarts Express no matter what then it's a no brainer to get the attraction to Islands of Adventure and easily the best route to go about. 

If you're looking to get to Islands of Adventure as quickly as possible then the walking path might actually be the superior option.

Take a look at what the wait times are for the Hogwarts Express and where specifically in the park you want to start!

Walking Path From Universal Studios to Islands of Adventure

There is also a direct walking path from the entrance of Universal Studios which leads directly to Islands of Adventure. 

The walking path crossed through CityWalk and passes the Hard Rock restaurant as well as Toothsome Chocolate Emporium. 


This walking path from the front gate of Universal Studios to the front gate of Islands of Adventure is a 10 minute walk. 

If you're anywhere near the front-half of Universal Studios (New York, Hollywood) then you'll find the walking path to be your fastest way to Islands of Adventure rather than taking the Hogwarts Express. 

 Hard Rock Restaurant Exterior

The convenience of being able to walk over to Islands of Adventure whenever you'd like is a huge perk at Universal Orlando that you don't really have at Walt Disney World. 

While the Florida heat may deter you from walking between the two theme parks, we say this is the best way to navigate between Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure when time is of the essence. 

We also recommend quickly checking the weather especially during the summer months just so you're not caught in the rain during your walk between the two parks!



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