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Halloween Horror Nights RIP Tour | Ultimate Guide, Tips & Savings

The R.I.P. Tour at Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando and Hollywood is the ultimate way to experience Halloween Horror Nights with a long list of perks, benefits, and a hefty price tag to match.

Our Ultimate Halloween Horror Nights RIP Tour Guide details everything you should know before booking an RIP Tour as well as our assessment of if these tours are worth the big price.

Questions We'll Answer About Halloween Horror Nights RIP Tours:

  • What is A Halloween Horror Nights RIP Tour?
  • How Much Does The RIP Tour Cost?
  • How Many People Can Join You On The RIP Tour?
  • What Are The Benefits Of A Halloween Horror Nights RIP Tour?
  • How Do You Purchase And Schedule The RIP Tour?
  • Are There Any Discounts or Deals On A Halloween Horror Nights RIP Tour?
  • Is A Halloween Horror Nights RIP Tour Worth It?

Halloween Horror Nights RIP Tour

What Is The Halloween Horror Nights RIP Tour?

The Halloween Horror Nights RIP Tour, quite simply put, is the ultimate Halloween Horror Nights Experience!

The RIP Tour is a 4.5-hour guided tour that gives you the VIP experience through Halloween Horror Nights with front-of-the-line access to rides, shows, and haunted houses as well as detailed history and behind-the-scenes information on the making of Halloween Horror Nights.

The RIP Tour also includes complimentary parking, a private lounge, photos and reserved seatings at the Halloween Horror Nights shows.

Halloween Horror Nights RIP Tour Sign

These tours are truly the VIP Halloween Horror Nights experience and you'll have two options to pick from when booking your R.I.P. Tour:

  • R.I.P. Tour
  • Private R.I.P. Tour

The Private RIP Tour is a private experience that includes only those who are at your party. This is a much more intimate experience as you get to choose exactly what you'd like to experience throughout the night.

On the other hand, the "general" R.I.P. Tour will often be multiple parties (more than just your group) and the itinerary is mostly decided on in advance by your tour guide.

There are some customization options, but generally, you will need to do what your tour guide has planned - if you want to choose every detail about your evening then the Private R.I.P. Tour is the way to go!

Halloween Horror Nights RIP Tour

How Much Does the Halloween Horror Nights RIP Tour Cost?

The standard R.I.P. Tour costs between $280 and $400 per person depending on which day you're looking to book your tour. 

Weekends will generally be on the higher end of this range, with weekdays being on the lower end.

Private R.I.P. Tours will start at around $2000 and includes up to 10 guests, but you can have fewer people in your party if you'd like as the price remains the same.

Halloween Horror Nights Crowds

While it may seem like a splurge, the exceptional access, personal guide, and memorable encounters make it a worthwhile investment for the biggest Halloween Horror Nights fans.

In fact, R.I.P. Tours are known to sell out due to extremely high demand!

Be sure to plan in advance if you're hoping to do a RIP Tour, but there is the ability to book a tour at the Universal ticket booth if there happens to be any spots left.

Zombie Parade

How Many People Can Be In Your Party For the RIP Tour?

The standard R.I.P. Tours can include up to 12 people and can be a mix of multiple parties so be prepared to be joined by other people you won't know. 

The Private R.I.P. Tour includes up to 10 people and will only be your party.

Two women being scared

What Are The Benefits of A Halloween Horror Nights RIP Tour?

R.I.P Tours come with a ton of benefits and perks that we've outlined below:

Front-of-Line Access:  The RIP Tour grants you priority access to all the haunted mazes, scare zones, and select rides.

Expert Guided Experience: Your RIP Tour guide will lead you through Halloween Horror Nights sharing detailed information about haunted houses and scare zones while making sure you see all Halloween Horror Nights has to offer.

Clown With Fire At Halloween Horror Nights

Complimentary Valet Parking: No need to worry about parking when you book an R.I.P. tour as free valet parking is included!

Reserved Seating for Shows: The RIP Tour secures reserved seating at the Halloween Horror Nights shows. No need to arrive early and wait for a seat.

R.I.P. Lounge Access: R.I.P. tour attendees also get access to an exclusive lounge which includes a bar and some snacks along with a place to relax. Any drinks and food your order does cost extra though.

Check out this easy reference guide for the full breakdown of benefits for both the standard and private R.I.P. Tour!

Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights Logo

How do you Purchase and Schedule a RIP Tour?

The process to purchase and schedule your RIP Tour is relatively straightforward.

Plan and Book in Advance: RIP Tours are very popular so we always recommend booking in advance and not on the day of. You can do this on the official Universal Studios Hollywood or Universal Orland Resort website or by calling: 1-866-346-9350

Select Date and Time: Choose the date and time that fits your schedule and keep in mind that pricing can vary from day to day. If you can be flexible you may be able to get a better price!

Complete Your Reservation: Provide the necessary information, including the number of guests in your party, and finalize your RIP Tour reservation with a secure payment.

La Llorna Haunted House Exterior

Are There Any Discounts or Deals on a Halloween Horror Nights RIP Tour?

Halloween Horror Nights RIP Tours are in high demand, so there aren't any discounts or deals offered all too often.

However, Premier and Preferred Annual Passholders can save 10% on RIP Tour prices over at Universal Studios Florida.

Unfournratly there currently aren't any discounts on RIP Tours at Universal Studios Hollywood even for Platinum Annual Passholders!

Spooky Halloween Atmosphere

Is The Halloween Horror Nights RIP Tour Worth It?

Halloween Horror Nights is certainly a splurge, and a price point as high as $400 per person it's hard to justify.

However, if you're a huge Halloween Horror Nights fan who is looking for the ultimate HHN experience, then we do see value in a RIP Tour especially if you were already considering an Express Pass.

Express Pass can run over $200 per person (in addition to your admission ticket) on certain Halloween Horror Night event days, so the price difference between Express Pass and a RIP Tour is somewhat slim.

Death Eater In Diagon Alley

There are also a few other key considerations to think about when evaluating if a RIP Tour is worth it:

Maximized Experience: The RIP Tour ensures you encounter every maze, scare zone, and show without the hassle of long lines, offering a seamless, time at Halloween Horror Nights.

VIP Treatment: Embrace the VIP treatment with express access, a personal guide, and exclusive perks,

Group Adventure: Share the fear and excitement with friends or family, creating unforgettable memories together.

We typically say pass on the RIP Tour, but if you're a big Halloween Horror Nights fan who is considering an Express Pass then we'd be more inclined to say make the purchase!



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