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How To Get Free Parking at Hilton Hotels | Guide & Tips

Getting free parking at Hilton Hotels might seem impossible (especially with parking fees ranging upwards of $60 a day in some cities), but Hilton actually has some of the easiest ways to get free or discounted parking out of any hotel chain!

How To Get Free Parking at Hilton Hotels:

  • Which Hilton Hotels Have Free Parking?
  • Package Deals
  • Travel Agent Free Parking Offers
  • Gold & Diamond Hilton Honors Status
  • Dining Reservations


Hilton Brands

Which Hilton Hotels Have Free Parking?

Hilton has 18 different different hotel brands and over 7,000 properties worldwide. Some of their most well known brands include Doubletree, Embassy Suites, Conrad, Waldorf Astoria and Hampton Inn.

Free or paid parking is actually not determined by the hotel brand, but by the individual property. This means if a Doubletree has free parking at once location, it might not be free at another Doubletree property.

Embassy Suites sign outside a hotel

Even though parking fees are determined by the individual hotels you typically will have to pay for parking at the Waldorf Astoria, Conrad, Motto and Curio Collection Hilton brands.

You’re more likely to find parking included with your stay at the Hampton Inn, Garden Inn, Tru and Homewood Suites Hilton brands.

In the following sections we’ll detail ways you might be able to get free parking at any Hilton Hotel!

Package Deals

One of the easiest ways to get free parking or save a lot of money on parking at Hilton Hotels is by seeing what package deals are available during your dates of stay.

When you’re planning a stay at a Hilton Hotel pay close attention to the Hilton Special Offers page for offers and deal which may include free or heavily discounted parking.

Special offers vary from time to time and just because an offer exists for free parking or heavily discounted parking it may not be applicable for the Hilton property you’re hoping to stay out.

Hilton Special Offers Page

The specific deal you want to look out for is often called the “Park and Stay” though this deal may change names throughout the year as seen below.

While the specific hotel you hoped to stay at might not always be available, checking what’s available on the Special Offers page is a great way to see what other hotels are worth considering especially if free parking will save you a substantial sum of money.

Occasionally other websites like Orbitz and Travelocity will run specials where they include free parking when you book through them, but we’d typically recommend booking directly through Hilton when possible as you’ll typically find the best rates and offers.

Special offers from Hilton can change drastically throughout the year and you’ll typically find the best deals during off-peak travel seasons and on weekdays.

Hilton Park & Stay Offer

If you don’t see any offers listed for free parking on the Hilton Special Offers page then it may also be helpful to call the specific hotel you’d like to stay at. They may deals or offers that are not listed on the Hilton website.

A large majority of the deals will be listed on the Hilton website, but there is a change the property might be able to work with you on a deal for free parking or offer you a discount like 50% off. It’s always worth giving them a call to see what might be available!

Travel Agent Free Parking Offers

Working with a travel agent isn’t nearly as popular as it was 20 or 30 years ago, but you might be surprised to learn that travel agents often have access to offers and deals the general public don’t.

If you’re open to working with a travel agent to book your vacation or hotel stay you can try asking to get your parking fee waived or ask your travel agent to find a Hilton property is willing to do so.

They may recommend looking at Hilton Hotels with free parking included, but we would suggest countering by specifically asking for premium properties that will waive valet or self-parking fees.

Typically travel agents work on commission from hotels, airlines and other tourist attractions, so you shouldn’t worry about paying more overall by working with a travel agent, but it never hurts to double check the prices they quote you at with what’s available online.

Gold & Diamond Hilton Honors Status

At many Hilton Hotel properties guests who are part of the Hilton Honors loyalty program will find that they get free parking at select hotels.

This is not a company-wide policy and each Hilton hotel handles this differently. You may find one Hilton will give you free parking based on having Gold or Diamond status, while a similar Hilton just down the road may not.

The best way to find out which hotels offer free parking for Gold and Diamond status is by calling in advance.

This perk typically isn’t listed online when booking a hotel and can change at anytime.

Some properties also don’t disclose if they offer free parking for Gold and Diamond members and only do so as a “surprise” during check-in.

Dining Reservations

The last way to get free parking at Hilton Hotels is by having a dining reservation to a restaurant in the hotel.

Parking validation is often provided when you dine at select restaurants (usually higher-end or table service) on Hilton property.

If you don’t plan to stay overnight and are just coming to the hotel for dinner and spending a few hours to enjoy the hotel grounds then you’ll often find that the restaurant you’re dining at will validate your parking up to a certain amount of hours.

Parking validation for dinner reservations however will not be valid for your entire length of stay if you’ll be spending the night or multiple nights at the hotel, so don’t expect your 5 night stay to be validated with one dinner reservation.

Validation is usually provided after you pay for your meal, so you will need to order from the restaurant to receive parking validation. Just simply having a reservation without dining at the actual restaurant won’t get you complimentary parking!

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