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Best Orlando Airport Parking Locations | Rankings & Tips

There are over a dozen different parking options to consider when departing from Orlando International Airport, which is why we're here to detail some options to consider before your next flight!

We've listed our favorite parking options at the Orlando Airport below as well as the pros and cons to help you decide where to park. 

Topics We'll Cover About Orlando Airport Parking:

  • Where Are The Best Places To Park At & Near The Orlando Airport?
    • Orlando International Airport On-Site Parking
    • Best Off-Site Parking Options


Orlando Airport Parking Location Sign

Where Are The Best Places To Park At & Near The Orlando Airport?

Below we've listed some of our favorite places to park at and around the Orlando Airport.

Each location listed has its benefits to consider when choosing where you might want to leave your car when departing from Orlando International Airport!

Garage A, B & C (MCO On-Site Parking)

Without a doubt, the best place to park at Orlando International Airport is going to be the parking structures attached to Terminals A, B, and C

Depending on what terminal you're flying out from will dictate which garage you should consider first, but it's also worth noting that the Terminal A and Terminal B garages aren't too far from each other. 

If you have a flight leaving from Terminal A, but Terminal A Garage is full, then parking at Terminal B will only cost you a few extra minutes of your time. 

Orlando Airport Parking Garage Locations

Terminal C however is detached from Terminal A and Terminal B, but only takes about a 5-minute tram ride to reach the two other terminals, so it's also worth considering if your first two options are full. 

When it comes to convenience the Terminal A, B, and C Garages at Orlando International Airport really can't be beat!

The downfalls of parking at any of these garages start with capacity. Unfortunately, it's not uncommon to see all three of these garages full quite often throughout the year, so we always recommend having a backup plan as well. 

Orlando Airport Parking Rates

You'll also be paying for the convenience of A, B, and C Garages with prices that are substantially more expensive than what you'd find at any of the offsite parking options near the Orlando Airport. 

Recap & Tips:

  • One of the most expensive parking options available
  • Unbeatable convenience and proximity to airport terminals
  • Have a backup plan in case the parking garages are at capacity

If you don't mind the price markup, and have a backup plan ready in case the garages are at capacity then parking right at the Orlando Airport parking garages is the best way to go! 

The Parking Spot (MCO Off-Site Parking)

Coming in at our #2 spot overall and #1 for best offsite parking is The Parking Spot

The Parking Spot is located just over 5 minutes from the Orlando Airport with a shuttle service and a variety of different parking options available. 

You can choose from covered, uncovered, and a variety of more "premium" parking spots that are located closer to the exits and entrances of The Parking Spot. There is also an option to add a full car wash and interior clean while you leave your car at The Parking Spot as well! 

The Parking Spot also has a very attentive shuttle service taking you to/from the airport which we've found to be on a very quick schedule. 

No matter if we're getting picked up from The Parking Spot to head to the airport, or waiting to be taken back to The Parking Spot, we've seldom needed to wait over 5 minutes for a bus to arrive. 

We've also found The Parking Spot to have great availability and pricing as long as you make a reservation about a week in advance of your trip. Any reservations made less than a week in advance often see much higher prices and on occasion can be entirely sold out. 

Finding availability at The Parking Spot on the day of your departure is also challenging, so reservations are always going to be the way to go here. 

The Parking Spot might be a bit more expensive than other offsite parking providers near the Orlando Airport, but we find the extra bit of money you need to spend to be well worth it! 

Recap & Tips:

  • Various parking options including covered/uncovered at different price points
  • 5~ minutes to the airport, but you'll still need to take a shuttle
  • Attentive shuttle service that runs very often
  • Pricer than most off-site parking options near the Orlando Airport

While you aren't going to have the convenience of getting out of your car and walking right to the terminal like you would at the onsite garages at Orlando International Airport, The Parking Spot is the next best thing with a prime location and attentive shuttle service.

Park, Bark & Fly (MCO Off-Site Parking)

Located about 10 minutes from Orlando International Airport Park, Bark & Fly might have one of the most creative names of any parking lot near the airport as well as great deals.

PB&F might just be a little further from the airport than The Parking Spot, but if you don't mind a longer drive then you'll be able to save some money. 

In terms of value, PB&F is amongst the best if you can arrive a bit earlier than you normally would. 

The shuttles at PB&F appear a bit older than those at The Parking Spot and seem to run a little less frequently, so while you'll be saving some money, you'll need to plan for some extra travel time to and from the airport. 

Similarly to The Parking Spot, we recommend making reservations to PB&F at least a week in advance to secure your parking spot. We haven't seen PB&F hit capacity as often as The Parking Spot though, so you may have a bit more flexibility here especially if you're looking for a place to park last minute.

PB&F is also going to have fewer parking options to choose from compared to The Parking Spot and you'll mostly only have uncovered parking spaces to choose from. Car washes and detailing are available though! 

Recap & Tips:

  • Cheaper than The Parking Spot, but a bit further from the airport at ~10 minutes
  • Shuttles seem to run a little less frequently than The Parking Spot
  • Great option if you can plan more time to get to the airport

If you're looking for another great place to park your vehicle and don't mind sacrificing just a little bit more convenience than Park, Bark & Fly is worth considering!



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