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How To Get Free Parking at Hyatt Hotels | Guide & Tips

Getting free parking when staying at a Hyatt hotel is one of the easier room deals to find when compared to competitors like Marriott or Hilton!

This parking guide will detail some of the most popular and easiest ways to get free parking at Hyatt Hotels to help you save some money on your next stay.

How To Get Free Parking at Hyatt Hotels:

  • Which Hyatt Hotels Include Free Parking?
  • Special Offers & Packages
  • Globalist Status
  • Travel Agent Free Parking Offers
  • Free Parking with a Dining Reservation

Which Hyatt Hotels Include Free Parking?

Hyatt has 15 different hotel brands ranging from their flagship Hyatt Regency, Hyatt Grand, and Park Hyatt properties to their more budget-friendly properties like Hyatt House and Hyatt Place brands.

Regency, Grand, Park and Andaz Hyatt brands almost always charge an additional fee for parking. It’s extremely rare to find any of these four brands with parking included in the room rate.

Hyatt House Boulder

Hyatt House in Boulder, Colorado with complimentary parking

Hyatt House and Hyatt Place brands are more likely to have parking included with the room rate, but because parking fees are set by each property (and not consistent across each brand) you’ll have to double-check with the specific property you’re staying at to confirm what their parking policies are.

Special Offers & Packages

Hyatt runs various promotional special offers and package deals throughout the year which occasionally include free parking.

You can see what special offers and packages are available throughout the year by visiting Hyatt’s Hotel Deals page.

Hyatt Offers and Deals

Sample Offers and Package Deals on

Deals and packages can vary greatly throughout the year, but your best bet is to look at this page as we head into non-peak travel seasons like January through March and September through October.

During non-peak travel season, Hyatt will get more aggressive in their packages and discounts in an attempt to lure travelers in an otherwise slow time for travel and tourism.

Free or heavily discounted parking at Hyatt hotels that normally charge for parking is one of the many deals you might find.

There are typically restrictions on these offers like minimum stay or room type requirements, so be sure to double check your length of stay at desired room is eligible for a special offer.

Hyatt Free Parking Offer

It might seem enticing to upgrade your room or change your travel dates to qualify for a special offer or package deal, but you may end up spending more money than you intended to by upgrading your room to meet the requirements for a special offer.

Adding an additional perk like free parking to a more expensive room type isn’t always a better deal financially, so be sure to run the numbers and make sure it makes sense for you.

Globalist Status

If you qualify for Globalist status under the World of Hyatt loyalty program then you’ll find yourself receiving free parking quite often.

If you book a free awards night with World of Hyatt points you will receive free parking with your Globalist status.

World of Hyatt Parking Benefits

This applies to nearly every Hyatt hotel in the United States and is even applicable to hotels with some of the highest parking fees like the Park Hyatt which can be over $50 per night!

Note that this special perk only applies to awards nights booked with World of Hyatt points, not stays purchased in cash.

However, there are reports of Globalists being given free parking even if they paid for their stay in cash as a “thank you” gesture by the hotel.

If you have Globalist status then it never hurts just to ask before or at check-in to see if the hotel is willing to offer complimentary parking as a thank-you for your loyalty.

Hyatt generally has better perks for their awards programs and often seems to care just a bit more about their frequent guests than Marriott or Hilton, so it’s not surprising to see Hyatt occasionally throw in the free parking or other surprises at check-in.

Travel Agent Free Parking Offers

It might be decades since you’ve heard someone use or recommended using a travel agent to book a hotel stay, but there are some benefits to doing so!

Travel agencies often have close relationships with all major hotel chains, so they typically have access to special offers and deals the general public doesn’t get to see.

Waived or heavily discounted parking fees are one of the many special promotions travel agents sometimes have access to. If you’re looking at a hotel with a high parking fee or will be staying for multiple nights and that fee is starting to add up, it might be worth giving a travel agency a call.

There’s also a misconception that travel agents are more expensive to work with.

Luckily most travel agents now don’t charge any additional fees to work with and make their money on commission from the various hotels, airlines, and tourist attractions they work with.

This means you typically won’t get hit with any additional fees when working with a travel agent and their prices should be competitive or better than what you see if you booked a hotel stay on your own.

Free Parking with a Dining Reservation

Many of Hyatt’s upscale and fine dining restaurants will provide parking validation or complimentary valet/self-parking when you dine with them.

This is great to keep in mind if there’s a restaurant at a Hyatt Hotel you’d like to eat at or if you’re hoping to spend an evening enjoying one of their properties.

This offer varies from restaurant to restaurant, so double-check the Hyatt website or even give the restaurant a call in advance to confirm complimentary parking is something they offer.

Parking validation, usually in the form of a QR code or scannable card, is given after you pay for your meal. This means you can’t get your parking validated by simply having a reservation at a Hyatt restaurant — you need to sit down, eat and pay for a meal!

If you’re staying overnight or for multiple days then your dining reservation parking validation likely isn’t going to help you.

Parking is typically only validated for the day or a set amount of hours. Once you go over the allotted hours (typically around 4-5) you’ll need to pay for any additional hours your car was parked on the property.

Certain hotels though may validate your parking for longer if you ask or you might get lucky and your parking validation will happen to work for your entire length of stay if the validation code isn’t configured properly, but this is leaving a lot up to chance.

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