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Free Parking at Marriott Hotels | How-To Guide & Tips

Getting free parking at Marriott hotels is extremely valuable when you add up how much those $10 to $50 per night parking fees will cost over the course of your stay.

Marriott International is the largest hotel chain in the world, so it’s likely you’ll be staying at one of their properties in the future and might find yourself looking for ways to get free parking.

Luckily there are a few ways to avoid paying for parking at Marriott hotels including through special offers, package deals, travel agent offers or dining reservations.

Questions We'll Answer About Parking at Marriott Hotels:

  • Which Marriott Hotels Include Free Parking?
  • How To Get Free Parking at Marriott Hotels


JW Marriott Hotel Sign

Which Marriott Hotels Include Free Parking?

Marriott owns some of the most iconic hotel brands in the world including The Ritz-Carlton, Residence Inn, Courtyard, St. Regis and Renissance.

If a Marriott hotel includes free parking or not as part of the room rate actually isn’t consistent across properties under the same brand name. The decision is made by the individual property and can vary greatly from property to property.

List of Marriott Brands

It’s unlikely you’ll ever find parking included with your stay at Marriott’s higher end hotels such as The Ritz-Carlton, JW Marriott and St. Regis.

Marriott’s more moderate and affordable properties like Courtyard, Residence Inn and Fairfield will typically have free parking, but it’s still not uncommon to see these properties with additional parking fees in larger cities and more popular travel destinations.

Luckily in the following sections of this guide we’ll detail a few ways you might be able to get free parking at any Marriott hotel!

Marriott Hotel Driveway

Package Deals & Special Offers

Booking your reservation as part of a package deal or special through Marriott is going to be one of the most straightforward ways to get free parking at a Marriott Hotel.

Package deals and special offers are available to view right on the Marriott Special Offers & Travel Deals page as well when selecting a rate and room type at a specific hotel.

Marriott Special OffersMarriott Special Offers Page

You can use this search functionality to easily browse what special offers and packages are available at Marriott hotels across the world.

Throughout the year special offers and package deals will change with free or heavily discounted parking being an offering at properties that may normally charge a fee to park your car.

Marriott Free Parking PackageExample Free Parking Package Marriott Has Previously Offered

Getting a deal for free parking during busy travel seasons like the summer, spring break or around major holidays will be hard to come by, but in off-peak travel seasons you’ll find more of these special offers popping up.

Minimum stays and room types may also apply, so before jumping into a deal because it offers free parking make sure the room type aligns with you originally had hoped to purchase.

You may find yourself paying for a more expensive room in exchange for free parking which isn’t always a good deal!

Travel Agent Free Parking Offers

Working with a travel agent might sound like something outdated and unnecessary, but travel agencies typically have close relationships with hotel chains like Marriott which means they have access to exclusive deals not available to the general public.

If you’re open to working with a travel agent it’s worth seeing if they have any deals or special discounts which may include free parking.

Valet for Hotel Guests Only Sign

If a free parking offer isn’t available then your travel agent may have access to cheaper room rates then you see online which can sometimes equal savings much more than the cost of parking.

Most travel agents are free to work with because they receive a commission from the hotel, airlines, etc. you book with when they help bring in business. This means you shouldn’t be charged any additional fees when working with a travel agent, so the price you pay for your Marriott hotel stay should be the same if not cheaper than what you would’ve paid by booking online.

It’s always worth double checking yourself though just in case you aren’t getting the best deal available!

Dining Reservations

Dining at a restaurant located on Marriott property often comes with parking validation for the day or a set amount of hours – this means free parking!

Parking validation typically happens after you pay for your meal, so you’ll actually need to dine at the restaurant in order to receive parking validation. Simply making a dining reservation and skipping the actual meal won’t get you free parking!

It’s important to note the parking validation that comes with a dining reservation is typically only good for a few hours or just for the day.

If you’re staying overnight at a Marriott hotel then your parking validation likely won’t work the next morning and it’s even less likely to work if you’re staying multiple nights.

If you’d like to spend some time looking around a Marriott property then making a larger event out of it by making a dining reservation will likely save you some money when parking validation is included.

We recommend calling the restaurant in advance to see if parking validation is included with your reservation and seeing if validation is only valid for self-parking, valet or both. These policies can vary greatly amongst Marriott hotels and restaurants, so we highly recommend making the call before booking a reservation.

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