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Downtown Disney Parking Validation | Tips & Locations

By learning how parking validation at Downtown Disney works, you can save yourself a lot of money.

In this page, we'll share the latest on Downtown Disney's parking validation policy along with our best tips to make the most of the options.

Downtown Disney Plaza

Questions We'll Answer About Downtown Disney Parking Validation:

  • How Does Parking Validation Work At Downtown Disney?
  • How Much Is Downtown Disney Parking Without Validation?
  • How Much Is Downtown Disney Parking With Validation?
  • What Locations At Downtown Disney Give Parking Validation?

How Does Parking Validation Work At Downtown Disney?

When you arrive at the Simba Lot (Downtown Disney's primary parking area) you'll have to pull a parking ticket at the gate.

That parking ticket is critical for you to hold onto for parking validation and paying for your parking. If you lose this ticket you will have to pay an additional fee!

To get your parking ticket validated you will need to spend a minimum of $20 on food or merchandise at Downtown Disney.

Simba Parking Lot Sign

Be sure to bring your ticket with you when you make this purchase as the restaurant or store where you make the $20+ purchase will validate your parking ticket for you on the spot. 

If you forget to show your parking ticket after making the purchase you'll want to hold onto your receipt. Your experience may vary depending on the specific restaurant or store, but you may be able to get your parking validated if you show your receipt and explain what happened. 

How Much Is Downtown Disney Parking Without Validation?

Parking at Downtown Disney without getting any sort of validation gets expensive very fast!

For the first hour of parking at Downtown Disney you'll be paying $10.

Any additional hours spent at Downtown Disney after the first hour will be charged at $14 per hour.

So far a quick three-hour trip to Downtown Disney without any sort of validation you can expect to pay $38. 

If you won't be getting your parking validated then it may be worth it to consider parking at the Mickey & Friends or Pixar Pals parking structures instead. The parking fee at these two locations is a flat rate of $35 for the entire day. 

Disneyland Parking Structure Directional Signs

How Much Is Downtown Disney Parking With Validation?

As you can imagine, validated parking at Downtown Disney is a much better deal than unvalidated parking. 

One misconception about Downtown Disney Parking validation is that you won't have to pay anything at all once validated. Unfortunately, this isn't true and there is still a fee even when your parking ticket has been validated. 

No matter what you will need to pay the initial $10 first hour fee.

However, after getting your parking ticket validated you will get an additional 3 hours for free. 

By validating your parking ticket you essentially get four hours of parking at Downtown Disney for $10 instead of $52!

Downtown Disney Simba Parking Lot

Alternatively, you can get 5 hours of free parking (for a total of 6 hours for $10) when you dine at any Disney table service restaurant in Downtown Disney.

This offer is only valid for locations at Downtown Disney and parking will not be validated if you dine or shop at Disneyland or California Adventure. 

The hotels of Disneyland (Pixar Place, Disneyland Hotel, Grand Californian) also do not provide any sort of Downtown Disney parking validation. 

What Locations At Downtown Disney Give Parking Validation?

Below is a list of locations at Downtown Disney that provide parking validation.

  • Naples Ristorante e Bar
  • Splitsville Luxury Lanes - DINING
  • Jazz Kitchen
  • Wetzel's Pretzels
  • Napolini Pizzaria
  • Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen Express
  • California Sole
  • Curl Surf
  • The Disney Dress Shop
  • Disney Home
  • Disney's Pin Traders
  • The LEGO Store
  • Lovepop
  • Marceline's Confectionery
  • Pandora Jewelry
  • Pele Soccer
  • Sephora
  • Star Wars Trading Post
  • Sunglass Icon
  • WonderGround Gallery
  • World of Disney

Be sure to double-check upon arrival at the restaurant or store that parking validation is still being offered!


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