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Dorney Park's Season Pass: Everything You Need to Know

Season Passes are some of the most popular passes at Dorney Park.

In this guide, we'll explain exactly what a Dorney Park Season Pass is, the different Season Passes available, what perks they offer, and when to consider purchasing one.


dorney park season pass

A Season Pass allows a pass holder to visit Dorney Park an unlimited number of times throughout their operating season.

Benefits will vary depending on which type of Season Pass you purchase, however, they all include:

  • Unlimited Visits to Dorney Park
  • Free Parking
  • Bring a Friend discount tickets
  • Access to special events such as Halloween Haunt

You'll notice that it is called a 'Season Pass' rather than an 'Annual Pass' and that's because Dorney Park is not open year-round.


There are currently two types of Season Passes at Dorney Park:

  1. Gold Pass
  2. Gold Pass + All Park Passport

Both passes provide pass identical benefits, but the main difference is the All Park Passport Add-On allows pass holders to have these benefits at all Cedar Fair Park locations.

    1. Dorney Park's Gold Pass 

    dorney park gold pass

    The Gold Pass is perfect for visitors who are mainly interested in having unlimited access to Dorney Park while enjoying a few useful perks (such as free parking & Bring a Friend discount tickets) along the way.

    Gold Pass benefits include:

    • Unlimited Visits to Dorney Park
    • Unlimited Visits to Halloween Haunt
    • Free General Parking
    • 10% Discount on Food and Merchandise
    • Bring a Friend Discount Tickets
    • Pass Perks Rewards
    • 2 Complimentary Pre-K Passes

    2. Gold Pass + All Park Passport

    dorney park gold pass all park passport

    The All Park Passport allows visitors to enjoy their Gold benefits not just at Dorney Park, but at every Cedar Fair Park for the season.

    The All Park Passport is an add-on that can be added near the end of the checkout process, right after entering your personal information.

    Gold Pass + All Park Passport benefits include:

    • Unlimited Visits to All Cedar Fair Parks
    • Unlimited Visits to Halloween Haunt
    • Free General Parking
    • 10% Discount on Food and Merchandise
    • Bring a Friend Discount Tickets
    • Pass Perks Rewards
    • 2 Complimentary Pre-K Passes

      How to Purchase a Dorney Park Season Pass

      You can purchase a Season Pass directly from the Dorney Park site, the Dorney Park app, or in person at the Park.

      Pay For Your Season Pass Over Time

      Dorney Park allows visitors to spread their Season Pass Payments over 10 months, rather than needing to pay it all at once.

      When purchasing your Season Pass, you'll need to make an initial payment, and for the next 10 consecutive months, you'll pay a fixed amount every month.

      How it Works

      1. Select which Season Pass you want to purchase
      2. Input your billing information
      3. Upload a picture of yourself for your Season Pass or opt to take a picture at the park
      4. Check out

      Know About Upgrades Available For Season Passes

      dorney park all season drink bottle

      During checkout, you will be given the option to upgrade your pass with a variety of options (that will also last for the entire season) including:

      • All Season Dining
      • All Season Pass Drink Plan
      • All Season Drink Bottle
      • All Season FunPix

      If you decide to purchase an Add-On, that specific Add-On will last you through the entire season.


      If you're planning on visiting the park at least 2 times in a season, a Season Pass may be a good option for you, as the Gold Pass will have paid for itself in those 2 visits.


      If you're only planning on visiting the park once for the entire season, it most likely will not be worth the investment.

      Although you may be able to use all of the Season Pass benefits during that one visit, pricing-wise wise Season Passes make more sense for guests who will visit the park at least twice in a season.

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