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Dorney Park's Parking Guide: Everything You Need to Know

In this page, we'll go over everything that you need to know when parking at Dorney Park including the types of parking, how much it costs, and how some visitors can get in for free.

dorney park parking

    Types of Parking

    There are three types of parking available at Dorney Park, including:

    1. Regular Parking ($30)
    2. Preferred Parking ($40)
    3. Handicap Parking

    1. Regular Parking

    Regular parking is exactly what it sounds like, as you'll park in the general parking area of the park, on a first-come, first-served basis.

    During the busier seasons, you may be directed to park in specific spots by the staff to better accommodate all guests.

    This will also facilitate being able to leave the park.

    parking lot

    As the park fills up throughout the day, the parking spots will as well, which means the later that you arrive at the park on a busy day, the farther you'll be parked from the park entrance.

    2. Preferred Parking

    Preferred Parking is an upgrade from regular parking, as it allows you to park in a reserved spot, closer to the entrance.

    If you're planning on being at the park the entire day, chances are that you've also done a ton of walking. 

    dorney park walking

    After a long day at the park, you may not want to walk back to find your car.

    With Preferred Parking, you'll be able to exit the park and end up very close to your park.

    This will also expedite being able to get on the road and head home or back to your hotel, as you won't get caught in the lines of cars trying to head out.

    Preferred parking is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

    3. Handicap Parking

    Handicap parking is reserved for those that are handicapped, and is the same price as regular parking.

    There are specific spots around the park, and closer to the entrance that are reserved handicapped spots.

    It is also available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

    Parking Cost at Dorney Park

    Regular & Handicap Parking

    Regular parking costs $30 (per vehicle) at the gate, but you can save a few bucks by purchasing online. 

    You can purchase parking online directly from the Dorney Park site.

    Preferred Parking

    Preferred Parking costs $40 (per vehicle).

    Is Parking Free With a Season Pass?

    Dorney Park Season Pass Holders do receive free parking in the park, on every visit.

    dorney park season pass gold

    That itself is a giant perk, as saving $30 per visit can pay for itself in only a few visits.

    You can also buy a season pass directly from the Dorney Park site.

    Use the Car Finder

    Never forget where you parked by using the Car Finder feature in the Dorney Park app.

    dorney park car finder app

    Using the Dorney Park app, you can save your car's location so that you will be able to know exactly where it is when you're ready to head back to the parking lot.

    This will save you plenty of time and avoid frustration, after a long day at the park.

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