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Do You Pay For Rides at SeaWorld? | Easily Explained

In this page we will cover if all rides are included with a SeaWorld ticket, and what else is an extra cost at the park.

Do You Pay For Rides at SeaWorld?

The admission ticket that you purchase at the gate (or online), includes all rides and shows in the park except for the Sky Tower, Arcade games, and Flamingo Paddle Boats. It will also be an extra cost to feed animals including Stingrays and Dolphins. These 5 items will be a separate cost for the guest. 

seaworld orlando rides by water

This means that any of your favorite rides such as Kraken, Manta & Mako will all be free to ride once you enter the park (You will however have to wait in line). This also means that you can walk in and enjoy your favorite shows such as Orca Encounter, Dolphin Adventure and Sea Lion & Otter Spotlight.

SeaWorld Quick Queue

Another item (separate from the rides/shows) that will be an additional cost is a Quick Queue pass at SeaWorld.

Quick queue is essentially SeaWorld's fast pass system. It gives you access to a separate and faster line, in order to skip the regular line and spend more of your time riding your favorite rides rather than waiting.

You can receive a wristband or you can also have it on your mobile device as a Quick Queue eticket.

This pass is not included with admission.

Stingray Lagoon

The Stingray Lagoon is one of the most unique experiences at the park.

stingray lagoon

Simply reach your hand just below the surface, and you’re likely to feel a velvety “high five” as stingrays swim by.

Despite their name, stingrays are one of the most docile species to inhabit the oceans. At Stingray Lagoon more than 120 rays—some with wingspans up to 5 feet—spend warm days gliding through their habitat's peaceful waters.

Flamingo Paddle Boats

Flamingo Paddle Boats are available for a small separate fee of $6 per 20-minute ride. 

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