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Disneyland Mexico | FAQ, Rumors & News!

Disney has theme parks, stores, and cruise ships all around the world, but Mexico, as well as the rest of Central and South America, is largely void of any Disney experiences!

In this guide, we'll dive into the details of if a "Disneyland Mexico" is in the cards anytime soon, including a strategic analysis of if this hypothetical theme park even makes sense for Disney to pursue.

Questions We'll Answer About Disneyland Mexico:

  • Are There Any Disney Properties In Mexico?
  • Why Would Disney Build A "Disneyland Mexico"?
  • Is Disney Building A Theme Park In Mexico?
  • Disneyland Rumors & News

 Disneyland Mexico 1

Are There Any Disney Properties In Mexico?

Disney does not currently have any sort of permanent physical business in Mexico.

This includes any theme park or Disneyland Mexico as well as any Disney Stores - which are slowly coming to an end entirely

This isn't exclusive to Mexico. Nearly all of Central and South America don't have any sort of official Disney presence.

South America, Australia, Africa, and of course, Antarctica are the four continents without any Disney theme parks or stores!

Disneyland Mexico 2

Why Would Disney Build A "Disneyland Mexico"?

Disneyland Mexico would be an interesting business opportunity for Disney to explore a theme park more accessible to travelers in South America and increase their reach with Spanish-speaking audiences.

CULTURAL IMPACT: There is no Disney theme park in a country where Spanish is the primary language which is quite a gap given nearly 600 million people around the world speak Spanish

While this may not seem like a big deal, having a Disney park in a Spanish-speaking country can allow Disney to learn cultural nuances about massive audiences, which in turn will create a stronger brand connection (which is especially important for Disney merchandise and movies) and increase business opportunities for Disney.

By physically being in a country like Mexico, Disney can more effectively advertise and market their entire brand to a dozen countries that normally may not have the means to visit a Disney park.

Disney Fireworks

LOCATION: Walt Disney World and Disneyland are heavily visited by travelers from South America, but having a theme park in Mexico can provide more of a central point for those who may not be able to make the often expensive trip to the United States.  

Disneyland Mexico would likely be a scaled-down and simplified version of the normal massive Disney theme parks given its proximity to Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

We imagine Disneyland Mexico being more like a Six Flags or Cedar Fair theme park which is more commonly visited by locals or daytrippers than those looking for a week-long resort-style vacation!

Disneyland Mexico 3

ECONOMICS: A trip to Disneyland or Walt Disney World isn't cheap, and frankly is unattainable for many people who live in Central and South America.

Disneyland Mexico could change that.

The average income in South America is equivalent to $10,000 in the United States which makes an international vacation to California or Florida virtually impossible.

While income is very low in many South American countries in comparison to the United States, many goods or services are also much cheaper which means these wages go slightly further than what we may assume at first glance.

Disneyland Mexico would be able to take advantage of these lower prices in goods, services, and labor to make a much cheaper Disney experience than what we see in the United States, allowing a better chance for those residing in South America to one day visit a Disney theme park.

But Is Disneyland Mexico Actually Realistic? 

Is Disney Building A Theme Park In Mexico?

Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that we'll see a Disney theme park in Mexico any time soon.

While there are some benefits to a hypothetical Disneyland Mexico when it comes to cultural impact, location, and economics, these benefits simply don't outweigh the downfalls. 

First, Walt Disney World and Disneyland both remain incredibly popular destinations for Central and South American travelers. A Disney park in Mexico would only cannibalize attendance at these two parks.

Illuminated Spaceship Earth

Second, even if it is cheaper to build and operate a theme park in Mexico a "cheap" theme park isn't aligned with Disney's brand.

Disney is known for building some of the most elaborate and innovative theme parks in the world, and building a scaled down park in Mexico to allow those with lower incomes to visit simply doesn't align with Disney's brand image. 

Sadly incomes in many South American countries are just too low to make Disneyland Mexico financially feasible for many to visit no matter how much Disney could potentially reduce costs. 

Disneyland Mexico just doesn't make sense for the foreseeable future for The Walt Disney Company from a financial and branding perspective, so it'll likely be decades before we even see Disney potentially exploring the idea for such a theme park.

Disneyland Rumors & News

At the moment there aren't any credible rumors that indicate Disney will be building a new theme park in Mexico or anywhere in the world for that matter.

Following the completion of Shanghai Disneyland in 2016, Disney has focused their attention on improving their current theme parks rather than looking to build new ones.

Universal Frisco Texas

While rumors have been swirling about a Disney theme park in Texas, the state won't be seeing a Disneyland Texas anytime soon. Universal Studios on the other hand is actively planning to build a theme park in the Lone Star State!

There isn't much to share for now in terms of rumors or news on new Disney theme parks, especially in regards to Mexico, but in the event anything changes we'll be sure to update this page!



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