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Costco SeaWorld Tickets Guide | 2024 Deals & Everything To Know

Costco probably isn't the first place you think of when you're looking for theme park tickets, but along with it's great deals on groceries and household items, Costco can have some of the best deals on SeaWorld tickets!

SeaWorld tickets can sometimes be found at Costco, but buying tickets from Costco can be much different than purchasing directly from SeaWorld. 

Our Costco SeaWorld Tickets Guide answers some of the most frequently asked questions about Costco tickets and shares some tips including if these SeaWorld tickets are a good deal!

What You Should Know About Costco's SeaWorld Tickets:

  • Where Can You Find SeaWorld Tickets At Costco?
  • Can You Buy Costco SeaWorld tickets Online?
  • What Deals Does Costco Offer On SeaWorld Tickets?
  • Are SeaWorld Tickets From Costco Transferable or Refundable?
  • Are Costco SeaWorld Tickets A Good Deal?

SeaWorld Rides & Shows

Where Can You Find SeaWorld Tickets At Costco?

Costco doesn't sell SeaWorld tickets year-round, but when they do happen to carry tickets, you'll typically find them near the front of the store or at the Costco Travel Desk.

Not every Costco has a Costco Travel Desk so we typically recommend looking near the front of your local Costco for standees or signs about gift cards or tickets.

Often times tickets to things like theme parks get mixed into the area you'll typically find gift cards at Costco. 

You'll want to look for those large, cube-shaped displays with hundreds of gift cards (or at some stores these are simply in long rows) and look to see if you have anything that resembles a SeaWorld gift card.

SeaWorld Tickets

If you look closely you'll find these likely aren't SeaWorld gift cards, but tickets with special deals and pricing for Costco members!

In recent years Costco has shifted away from selling theme park tickets in-store and has generally only made these tickets available online as part of a Costco Vacation Packs.

However, we've still seen theme park tickets and annual passes appear in stores for a limited time, so definitely don't write off Costco when looking for somewhere to save some money on SeaWorld tickets. 

If we spot Knott's Berry Farm Tickets at Costco or hear from one of our readers that they're in stock, we'll be sure to update this section.

Other authorized SeaWorld ticket sellers like Theme Park Center have tickets available year-round with great savings compared to what Costco offers.

SeaWorld San Antonio Rollercoaster

Can You Buy Costco SeaWorld tickets Online?

Unfortunately, we haven't seen SeaWorld tickets available from Costco online in quite a long time.

While Costco has moved most of its travel offerings including theme park vacation packages online, SeaWorld hasn't appeared on their website in the last few years.  

 Costco has recently shifted to only selling Universal Studios, Walt Disney World, and Disneyland tickets online leaving out dozens of other popular theme parks including SeaWorld.

While we do expect to see SeaWorld tickets pop up at Costco stores occasionally, we don't expect to see SeaWorld tickets appearing on the Costco website anytime soon.

SeaWorld San Diego Entrance

What Deals Does Costco Offer On SeaWorld Tickets?

Most SeaWorld ticket deals are along the lines of "Buy Two Days Get One Free", and "Pay For A Day - Come Back All Year Free" as well as free admission to Aquatica, SeaWorld's waterpark, with the purchase of a ticket. 

"Buy Two Days Get One Free" offers are relatively straightforward. You will pay the normal price for a two-day ticket to SeaWorld but will get three days of access instead of just two.

Water splashing on SeaWorld guests

The "Pay For A Day - Come Back All Year Free" is by far the best deal and this offer is the equivalent of getting an annual pass to SeaWorld for almost the same price as a single or two-day ticket, making it a no-brainer to purchase if you have multiple visits planned! 

We've seldom heard of Costco offering discounts on one-day admission to most theme parks, which means you'll typically find more value in Costco tickets if you're going to visit SeaWorld more than once a year. 

Offers are always changing though, so you never know exactly what you'll find at Costco these are mainly just expectations to have in mind when shopping for SeaWorld tickets at Costco. 

SeaWorld Orlando Fireworks

Are SeaWorld Tickets From Costco Transferable or Refundable?

SeaWorld tickets purchased from Costco typically aren't refundable, but this isn't surprising.

This policy is consistent with nearly everywhere you can buy SeaWorld tickets and not just exclusive to Costco. Theme park tickets are almost always a final sale - including at Disney and Universal. 

SeaWorld tickets however are transferable as long as they haven't been used yet. 

This means that if you're going to be buying SeaWorld tickets from Costco as a gift for others then you'll have no problem at all doing so. 

Once the tickets have been used at SeaWorld then you can no longer transfer the tickets. The same person who uses the ticket when entering the park is the only person who can continue to use that ticket. 

You also can't resell the SeaWorld tickets after purchasing them from Costco in hopes to make a profit or make back some of your money if you won't be using the ticket. 

Are Costco SeaWorld Tickets A Good Deal?

Costco typically has some of the best deals on theme park tickets, SeaWorld included!

Depending on the exact ticket deal Costco is offering you could save a substantial amount of money by getting an entire annual pass to SeaWorld for the price of a one-day ticket, or even just a few days of access to the park for free. 

If you're looking to spend multiple days at SeaWorld then you'll probably find a great deal at Costco.

On the flip side, if you only had a single day planned for SeaWorld, then you might not find these deals as valuable.

We always recommend comparing all ticket prices and deals available before pulling the trigger on an expensive purchase like SeaWorld tickets, but more often than not, you'll find Costco to have some of the best deals around!

If you were planning to only spend one day at Knott's then make sure to evaluate what Costco is offering vs what you were hoping to spend still makes sense for you.



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